Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Atlanta Attractions: Sky View Atlanta

Last week after our World of Coca-Cola tour we walked across Centennial Olympic Park to the CNN Center to eat lunch.  They have a food court there with a lot of options so it was perfect for our crew.  After that we made the short walk to Sky View Atlanta.  I have been wanting to take my kids on this giant ferris wheel downtown since it opened a few years ago.  It looked like such a fun way to see the city from way up high, but the Mr. had no desire to go on it.  I tired several times to convince him to go and he really just could have cared less about it. He told me it seemed too "touristy" to do and that if I wanted to go with the kids than go for it so that is what we did. I love being a tourist in our own city and this was the perfect activity to round out our field trip downtown!  

We walked right up and bought our tickets there.  You can purchase ahead of time if you want.  

We waited for the riders ahead of us to have their turn and then we were loaded into the car.  

The website says that 2-6 people can ride in each gondola, but they allowed us to have 7 in ours.  I'm sure it's a weight limit thing because there was plenty of room.  We had two adults and 5 kids.  

You take 4 full rotations around the ferris wheel and you get wonderful views of the city and of Centennial Olympic Park, which is gorgeous from way up high!  

We loved the ride and had a lot of fun.  Each gondola is fully enclosed and temperature controlled, which is nice because it was a super hot day!  

After our ride we walked across the street to the park and I wish I would have brought the kids swimsuits so they could run through the fountains.  It would have bene the perfect way to cool off after the long day, but Blondie had soccer early that evening, so we had to head home.  We did stop to make wishes and throw pennies in the fountain first though and I let the kids play on the playground for a very quick minute.  

It was a great day and so much fun to be downtown!  

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