Monday, January 30, 2017

DIY Tassel Bracelets for Valentine's Day

I know I've said this a ton of times here before, but I just love holidays and any excuse to decorate my house.  Over the weekend I pulled out my Valentine's Day bin from the basement and went through it.  It mostly holds left over Valentine craft supplies, books, etc., but I do have a few things I put around the house like this super cute hand hooked pillow. 

I also hang up my Valentine's Day wreaths on the front doors.  

Like I mentioned though, most of the Valentine's Day bin is stuff for the kids.  All sorts of cutout hearts, doilies, stickers and more.  This year I got some beading supplies for the girls to make DIY Tassel bracelets for Valentine's Day.  

They LOVED making the tassel necklaces a few years ago and still wear them all the time, so when I saw these Valentine tassels already made from Oriental Trading, I knew they would love them.  

We set up our bracelet making station in the playroom and got to work matching colors and trying to decide how their bracelets would look. 

We used this elastic cording to string the beads and one little tip that I will share that really helps from having the beads fall off as they are stringing is to tape one end of the cording to the table.  That way it is secure and no need to worry about beads rolling all over the table.  Then, when they are finished stringing the beads just tie it off in a few knots and they are all done! 

The girls were very detailed in their bracelet making and wanted them to look just right. I loved these sets because while the hearts and colors are perfect for Valentine's Day, they can also be worn year round! This Little Mama LOVES her some arm candy so I know she'll be putting her bracelets to good use.  

We were SO impressed with the way they turned out. I mean, so cute!  We all kept saying they looked like something you would buy from a store! :-)

They each made a few and then I got to try my hand at making one, too! 

I've linked all of the beads and supplies we used below, but there are tons and tons of options at Oriental Trading to create something similar to totally unique.  

While the girls were busy beading, Boo-Boo was digging through the Valentine's Day bin and found this awesome heart ring toss game.  

I bought this when Little Mama was in pre-school for her class Valentine's party and have used it almost every year since.  Being the room mom I'm often in charge of party activities and I have gotten my money's worth with this set.  Because it is wooden, it has held up year after year.   

As you can see, this guy had so much fun playing with it and the kids always do!  It was such a great purchase years ago and I just check and they still have it!  They also have an Easter Egg version that I also own.  When you find something that works and that the kids love, apparently you buy it for every holiday! 

Check out all that Oriental Trading has to offer for Valentine's Day HERE.  Including tons of cute Valentines to pass out to classmates.  Now that I think about it I should have gone ahead and ordered some. Please tell me I'm not the only one with very opinionated and indecisive children make that shopping task almost impossible!  

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I was given these beading product by Oriental Trading in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. The ring toss games looks so cute! I am going to order them tonight. And it looks like Oriental Trading has free shipping through tomorrow! Thanks for this adorable idea! I also just shared your post about the love notes for the kids' doors with my friend and we both are going to use those, too. Great ideas!!!

    1. Yes! They offer free shipping all of the time. So glad you liked the love note idea. I thought it was the sweetest!!!