Thursday, May 7, 2020

Amazon Lately

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been ordering from Amazon a lot here lately.  I have always loved Amazon and the fact that I can get just about anything I need without leaving my house, but during our shelter in place time I found another level of love for Amazon!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I've gotten from Amazon lately. Maybe some of these are items that you could use, too!  

1. Basic t-shirts and sweatshirts - I ordered these before our Spring Break when we were going to tie-dye.  You can see all the fun we had HERE!  I'm tempted to order some more because my son really wants to make a sweatshirt, so I'm thinking we will do another round of tie-dye soon. 

2. Screen protector - My daughters and I got new phones a few weeks ago and I am a stickler for a good case and a screen protector.  If someone's phone shatters, that is their problem, not mine and they will be required to pay what it costs to replace it.  No one wants to spend that kind of money so after reading a ton of reviews this screen protector looked like one of the best ones for the price.  Plus, it has the easiest, fool-proof applicator I have ever used. If you are in need of a new screen protector, I'd definitely recommend these! 

3. No-show socks - Just because there is a pandemic happening doesn't mean that socks stop getting holes. A lot of my socks were in bad shape so I decided to replace some.  These have thousands of great reviews and I love them because they don't slip down at all!  

4. Dip manicure set - I ordered this dip manicure set right after the shelter in place started and have done my nails 3 times now at home.  I also have done my girls' nails and we all LOVE the results. I don't think I'll go back to getting my nails done in the salon except for special occasions.  

5. Plush dog - My son really wanted a Squishmallow stuffed animal and I found this knock-off brand on Amazon.  Just as soft and actually bigger than we were expecting. He loves using it as a pillow and anything that is going to help him sleep better, I'm all for. 

6. Macrame pillows - I moved some of our living room pillows out to our hanging bed so I wanted to some new ones to bright up the sectional. The quality of these are really nice. When I ordered I didn't realize that they were only the covers without the inserts so I quickly ordered THESE inserts. Tip: I like to order inserts larger than the covers so they will fill them out nicely and be extra fluffy. 

7. Felt pads - I moved our basement barstools to the kitchen and realized I needed the felt pads to put on the bottom of the legs so they wouldn't scratch the wood floor. I usually keep these on hand because they will occasionally fall off, but I realized I was all out so Amazon Prime to the rescue! 

8. Mel-o-chew melatonin - This is the melatonin we use for my son and we were close to running out.  I've written about this before, but this stuff just helps him calm down and be able to fall asleep. 

9. 2020-2021 Academic planner - I saw something the other day saying the worst purchase someone made recently was a 2020 planner. SO true!  However, I am ever hopeful that things are going to slowly get back to normal and I have dates coming up that I will need to start getting on my calendar. I like using an academic planner that runs July-June (essentially the school year) because in my brain, that is how I see years. 

10. Folex stain remover - I saw this stuff had a ton of great reviews and decided to give it try mostly because I wanted to be able to keep the kitchen bar stools clean.  It works SO well.  Very impressed and it will pretty much get out ANYTHING! 

11. Zone Perfect bars - My kids loves these and I do, too.  For a while at the beginning of shelter in place my grocery store was sold out so I found them on Amazon! 

12. Tie-Dye kit - This is the kit we used and I loved how everything we needed to do the tie-dye was included! It comes in a bunch of different colors. 

If you have any great Amazon items, send them my way! What have you gotten from Amazon lately?! 

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