Friday, May 1, 2020

Book Club: May

How is it even possible that today is May 1st???  That means it has been a full 7 weeks at home during this shelter in place ordeal.  This time of year would normally be when things are really ramping up for the end of the school year craziness, but things are actually pretty boring around here. Our state is slowly starting to open up though and we are hopeful that things will slowly return back to normal. Really we just wanting some sort of sporting events to come back in our lives and pools to open up.  Then we'd be really happy!

A new month means a new book club post!  We can't wait to share what we read with all of you and hopefully get some of your suggestions for new things we should read. 



I finally got on the Audible bandwagon and listened to The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward.  I always like the Reese's Book Club picks so had really high hopes for this one.  

I will say I was really disappointed it.  I just didn't love it. I was expecting something a little more light and fun and instead this was about a family that had all sorts of drama and baggage. I tried getting into the characters and did find myself pulling for them, but I just felt like it never really answered all the questions I had and the story ended very abruptly. 

My next book was On The Bright Side by Melanie Shankle and LOVED it. Jen texted me about it and I immediately added it to my list.  

I have read all of her other books and really loved them all.  If you are looking for some other feel-good make you smile and relatable books I loved these from her, too: Sparkly Green Earrings (about motherhood), The Antelope in the Living Room (about marriage), and Nobody's Cuter Than You (about friendship). She has a way about weaving personal stories from her life into lessons that all of us could benefit from hearing.  Her new book, On The Bright Side, touches on motherhood, fashion, the importance of girlfriends, marriage and just about everything in between. I found myself laughing out loud at some parts, tearing up at others, and nodding my head in agreement with just about everything she said. She has a way of telling stories and making you feel like she could be one of your best friends. I think all of us could stand to read something like this during these times and HIGHLY recommend it! 


It's funny how similar Carrie Beth and I are on most things. This month we read a lot of the same books, and share the same opinion. One book I read this month is for sure on the top of my list for the year. I snuck in more reading than I thought I would with everything we have going on (moving, spending sun up to sundown with the entire family the entire month, being what my kids call "mommy teacher", etc.), but it just shows how life has slowed waaaaaaay down.

First up for the month was In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. Y'all...I loved this one! It's funny, this is the second book I've read this year with kind of a dream sequence as the basis for the story. (See last month's review of You Were There Too - also, a great read!) This story follows Dannie who has her life meticulously planned out. Everything is going according to her well thought out plan until the night of her engagement she falls asleep and then wakes up next to a man, who is not her fiancé, and its five years into the future. She spends one hour in her future and then is thrown back to the present. Unrealistic? Yes. But I love love loved this story. Without giving too much away it's about friendship, and love, and it is beautifully written. 

Next up was The Jetsetters, and just like Carrie Beth, I had high hopes for this one. The cover, the all seemed like it would be the perfect "get myself excited for Summer" read. I'm torn. Was it the worst thing I ever read? No. Was it as light as I was picturing? No. Was it my favorite? No. The story follows a family trying to reconnect on a European cruise vacation. The matriarch of the family wins a trip for the entire family by writing an erotic story from her past. Throw in three children with tons of drama and it had the makings for a great book. I didn't hate it, but I think the cover and the premise of the story made me think it would be a lighter beach read, when it really digs deeper into a ton of issues and has a lot of dark/sad moments. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5,  and if you like beach reads with a little more substance, this might be for you. 

After the downer of my previous read, I decided to switch gears and read Melanie Shankle's latest, On the Bright Side. I love her books, and even though this one was published last year it was like she wrote it in preparation for 2020. If you want to read something a little fun, a little humorous, and a whole lot of uplifting - this is the book for you. I immediately told CB she needed to put it on her list, and then I shared it with several other girlfriends because if there's anything we need in the world right now, it's Shankle's words of positivity.

Last, but not least, for the month was Christina Lauren's latest book - Honey Don't List. For those of you looking for a lighter "chic lit" read, I've got you. Honey Don't List is a little HGTV and a little steamy romance and a little humor all wrapped up into one. Picture a Chip and Joanna style set of decorating super stars, but like the opposite of them. Then throw in two assistants who hate each other. Put everyone on a tour bus for a few weeks with a healthy dose of drama. This was the perfect light read I was looking for at the end of the month. I'll give the Christina Lauren books a PG-13 warning, but they are always fun, and I think make for great Summer reads if you're looking for one. I'd put Honey Don't List and The Unhoneymooners as my favorites. 



It isn't uncommon that I follow in Jen's footsteps when it comes to picking books and that is the case today.  My next read is going to be In Five Years by Rebecca Serle.  I can't wait to get started! 

I'm so excited Carrie Beth is reading In Five Years. I can't wait to see if this is one we agree on or not.  I'm also excited about my first read for May. On of our favorite Southern authors sent us this little goodie...

Her latest book! So first up for the month is Kristy Woodson Havey's latest - Feels Like Falling.

I can't wait to settle into my pool lounger with a fruity cocktail and sink into this one! 

What have you been reading lately? We're hoping to be reading poolside before long so need some fun summer reads! 

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