Monday, November 30, 2020

How To Host a Supper Club

Every year on the blog we used to share a few goals for the year...anything from reading more, completing house projects, making time for ourselves, etc. One of mine a few years ago was to host friends/family for dinner at our house. I love hosting, but our busy lives just made it hard to find time to do it so that is one goal that didn't really get accomplished that year. 

It may have taken me a few years, but now I finally have a good thing going.  I feel so lucky to have some amazing girlfriends who felt the same way I did so we decided to start a supper club.  It has been THE BEST THING for all of us.  

Once a month we pick a date, call our sitters, and make time to get together without our kids.  We dress up, we set pretty tables, we drink good wine, we eat amazing food, and we laugh into the wee hours of the night.  

Our supper club is something we all look forward to every single month. We've all grown to be very close and these are the friends we do life with. We vacation with these friends, we have a constant text thread going, and our kids are all friends. They hate feeling left out when we go to "the club" but I feel very strongly that time away from the kids is SO good for the soul. 

I know several friends who are also a part of supper clubs and everyone has their own rules, but I thought I would share how we do it: 

Pick a date. 
Unlike some supper clubs that plan to meet the 3rd Saturday of every month regardless of who is available, we pick a date as a group when we know that everyone can attend. You know that old saying is true the more the merrier and honestly we would all have major FOMO if we couldn't make it. 

Set a menu. 
You could decide to divide up the dishes to be prepared and let everyone bring something, but we've decided to let one person do all the work.  Sure, it is a lot on each couple when they are prepping for their month, but it sure is nice for the other couples who can just show up and enjoy the night. Plus, everyone takes a turn so it all works out. 

Buy lots of wine and cocktail ingredients. 
It's a given that the wine consumption will probably exceed what you are expecting it to always get more than you think you'll need. We always plan ahead and Uber! 

Set a pretty table. 
It's so fun to have a reason to pull out your pretty dishes. You know all the things that you don't use on a day-to-day basis, but that you have hidden in your cabinets for the special occasions. Well this is it!  Dust off the china and use it! 

Dress up.
Especially these days finding reasons to put on something other than leggings and sweatpants are far and few between. Dressing up isn't required, but I like to have a reason to dress up and it helps make everything feel a little more fun and festive when you dress for the occasion. 

We hosted the last supper club and we had a fun surprise for our friends. The Mr. had recently gotten THIS griddle for his birthday and we had been putting it to good use.  We did a hibatchi night for the kids one night and they loved it. I immediately knew that would have to be our next Supper Club meal! 

After all of our friends arrived and were enjoying some appetizers the Mr. came in dressed, in character and ready to entertain. I even got him a chef hat to complete the look. 

He put on a good show complete with the egg roll trick, flipping shrimp into the air for friends to catch, and the famous onion volcano! 

It was SUCH a hit and SUCH a fun night.  Everyone not only loved the entertainment, but the food was really good, too!  

We ended the night with fortune cookies and that was the icing on the cake. It was fun (and easy) to have a theme for the night so I might just have to come up with another one for our next time to host! 

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