Friday, November 13, 2020

Lordy Lordy Look Who's 40!

I turned 40 last week and I guess I'm now officially over the hill!  For over a year now we had been planning a big trip to California with our friends to celebrate our 40th birthdays. We were going to do Napa for a few days and then golf and spa at Pebble Beach for a few days. Needless to say, thanks to Covid we cancelled those plans.  It was going to be too difficult to get childcare for the kids because at the time we didn't even know if they would be back for face-to-face school and with all of the limitations it just made us lean towards to canceling. 

However, it was certainly the most memorable birthday I have had in a long time. On my actual birthday I got surprised with balloons, champagne, gifts, and more.  

It was a low-key day and I was home, in my pajamas, with wine in hand before 8 PM (which NEVER happens). We got takeout for dinner and just enjoyed a quiet night at home.  

I got the sweetest note from my little guy and my favorite Halloween candy from the kids.  People joke that this is the cast-off Halloween candy, but they are my favorites so it works out for everyone. 

The next day some of my closest girlfriends planned a special lunch for me.  They went above and beyond to help me celebrate.  

Cards, balloons, cake, flowers...

And they made all of my fortune cookie dreams come true. 


A few weeks before we were at our house for supper club and I had fortune cookies kind of as a joke. When I opened mine it said: 

A new pair of shoes will do you a world of good!

I was all excited to have that good fortune, because who doesn't love a new pair of shoes, but my friends were secretly kicking each other under the table because they had already planned my birthday gift and little did I know that the snuck that fortune off of my plate and put it in my birthday card. 

They surprised me with a pair of shoes that I had been eyeing for a few years now, but would never buy for myself.  I was SO surprised and texted them all later saying that I know material things shouldn't make me that happy, but those shoes really do make me that happy. 

I feel so blessed and thankful to have such amazing and thoughtful friends who made my birthday extra special and made turning 40 super fun!  I was kind of dreading it, but kept reminding myself that I have never been happier.  My family is healthy, I'm surrounded by the sweetest and most supportive friends, and despite the crazy year this has been, life is SO good. 


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