Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday Favorites: Small Business We Love

Happy Friday!  One of the most fun things about what we do with Magnolia Mamas is getting introduced to new concepts, ideas, brands and products.  We see all sorts of things come across our channels, but we are pretty selective in what we actually accept and who we want to share with you all.  Today's Friday Favorites are brought to you by some small companies that we really love and couldn't wait to share with you all! 


This week my daughter had her first week of high school cheer tryouts!  I can hardly believe she will be in high school next year, but she is so excited so I'm really happy for her.  

I had a very last minute idea to get some decorated cookies for her and a few of her friends to wish them good luck!  I had the idea on Friday night and needed the cookies on Monday. I reached out to Christina's Baking Studio and she agreed to do the rush order for me. 

I was so happy with the way they turned out and the girls loved them.  I've used Christina's Baking Studio a few times in the past and she never disappoints! If you are local, definitely check her out. You can find her on Facebook or Instagram

We were recently introduced to Lunchy Club and let me just tell you, it is such a game changer!  If you are like me and dread packing lunches each night, this service is for you.  You can order customized lunches for your kids, picking the items you know they will eat. 

I loved that they had everything from organic snacks and juices to full on Kool-aid and Fruit-by-the-Foot options. 

You place the order by Tuesday night and then it is delivered to you over the weekend so you are ready to have them for lunches the next week.  SUCH a brilliant idea and a major time saver. Plus, my kids loved it because they thought it was something fun and different than what I normally pack for them.  Lunchy Club is offering free shipping through the end of the month, so it's a great time to check them out! 

I've been wanting some new necklaces that I could wear for a layered look and when I saw these Tough As A Mother necklaces I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.  This small company is mama owned and part of their mission is to minimize mom guilt and encourage positive daily affirmations.  That is something ALL mamas need!  

I decided to do the initial necklace with my own initials, but you could do your kids' initials, names, or anything else that is meaningful to you.  I also layered with one of the stone necklaces. Each of them has a different meaning and the one I picked means "balance." Clear quartz promotes patience and perseverance over worry and struggle...I just loved that!  These would be great for Mother's Day gifts!
You can see all that they offer HERE

Ever since I discovered that I can cook salmon in my air fryer, it's become a weekly go-to for dinner which means we are eating a lot more fish than we used to.  When I learned about Sitka Salmon Shares I knew it would be a great fit for our family!  

It's a community supported fishery that offers monthly shares of wild-caught seafood from a collection of Alaskan fishing families.  They are responsibly harvested seasonally by their small-boat fisherman, swiftly blast frozen which gives it the fresh-from-the-ocean taste, and then delivered directly to your doorstep! 

Each delivery also includes recipe cards that offer suggestions and ideas for preparing the fish.  If you are a family that eats a lot of fish, this would be a great option for you!  Check out their website HERE and be sure to use code MAGNOLIAFISH for $25 off the 2021 Premium Share box option.   

Spring is here!  We just love this time of year because we love wearing bright and colorful things. We've been Eva Franco Designs fans for a while now and every time we share pieces from her line we get so many comments and questions.  

You may recognize some of her items from Anthropologie, but she is now selling directly from her website.  We got some new spring/summer items and just LOVE them. 

 These items were actually part of their colorful surprise box we received.  You tell them your size and then they hand pick items just for you and send them your way.  It's so funny because some of the pieces I received were things I never would have picked for myself, but ended up loving when I tried them on.  I always go for the same styles and this forced me out of my comfort zone.  

We have a discount code if anyone is interested in adding something new to your spring/summer wardrobe.  Use code MAGNOLIA30 for 30% off!  It won't work on the surprise boxes because they are already such a steal, but if you want individual items be sure to use that and save. :-)  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!  

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  1. We just had air fryer salmon last night and it was delicious!