Friday, March 12, 2021

How to Create Farmhouse Style Soap Dispensers

Now that we've lived in our new house for a little over eight months, I think we have finally moved on from the renovation part of our move. Now I can concentrate on the fun part of our move - the decorating! And trust me when I say I've created a loooooong list of small projects that we need to knock out. 

Some of the projects are a little larger and require some assistance from my favorite handy man. (Sorry, not sorry, Mr. Magnolia - get your tool belt ready!) However, most are quick and easy finishing touches I can do. 

One of the smaller projects on my list was putting the finishing details on our guest bathrooms. For the most part everything is finished with both of these spaces. But, I just wanted to add a little more of a custom touch or two to each space. With the approaching Summer months, I know our basement bathrooms will be getting a lot of use once we re-open the pool. I'll share a full tour soon, but for this post you are going to get a super easy project I was able to knock out that returned a major impact. 

Before, I had just placed a simple store bought soap dispenser in each bathroom. Scrolling through Pinterest one day looking for bathroom decor ideas, I spotted a fun soap dispenser set. That got me thinking that could be something I easily exchange out to add a little something "extra" to the bathrooms. 

Let me just tell you - I almost can't claim this as a "project" because it literally took two less than five minutes to complete. But look how adorable! 



- Blank & smooth surface soap dispensers (I ordered a few sets, but used this soap dispenser set for this project, which come in a few finish options.)
- Custom labels (You can design your own with the help of Photoshop, Canva, etc. I purchased this label set and this label set from Etsy.)

- Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Paper 
- Scissors
- Desired dispenser fillers: soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, mouth washer, etc. 


- Wipe off the surface of your soap dispensers. Make sure they are free of dust, crumbs, etc. 
- Print and cut out your labels.

- Carefully place label on the surface of your soap dispenser. Start at one corner and slowly smooth down the label as your go so that any bubbles can be avoided. 

- Done! Just add soap, lotion etc. 

See...SO EASY! 

I had my favorite soap and lotion on hand to complete this project. In another bathroom I used the "hand soap" and "sanitzer" labels. I love the look of them so much I've already ordered a few more dispenser sets for the remainder of my bathrooms. Even one for my kitchen sink! #cantstopwontstop

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