Monday, March 8, 2021

Peloton {Why I Love It}

I never wanted a Peloton.  

It's true that I really never wanted a Peloton. The Mr. had been wanting one for over a year and really wanted me to want one also to justify the cost.  I just didn't though because I didn't like the idea of working out at home.  At the time I really enjoyed the barre classes that I went to and didn't have any desire to ride a Peloton.  In fact, we have an entire workout room in our basement that before the pandemic I didn't step foot into once.  The Mr. used it daily, but for me when I was at home I was always busy doing something else.  Well, like almost everything, when the pandemic hit and we were literally stuck at home for days on end that all changed.  I started using our workout space at home and enjoyed not having to drive somewhere for classes.  I think eventually I mentioned maybe once in passing that I "might" use a Peloton if we ever had one.  That was it though. I wasn't saying it because I really wanted one and I certainly wasn't hinting at anything. I never really gave it much thought, but the Mr. ran with that one little comment because my 40th birthday rolled around and what do you know...I was surprised with a Peloton! 

Why I Love It
I started riding it and immediately fell in love.  I couldn't believe I went so long thinking I wouldn't want to own one. From the fun music to the inspiring instructors, the competitive factor to the accountability, and the variety of class options, it's really changed the way I look at and feel about working out.  From pretty much day one I was sucked in and totally hooked.  

I love that I can pick the length of class that I want based on how much time I have.  
You can search for classes based on instructor, music, type of workout and length. My days stay pretty packed and I've almost always got somewhere to be later on so I like that I can base my rides off how much time I have. Most often I do a 30 minute cycle class and then add on either a 10 minute arms or 10 minute core class after.  That was something I didn't know about Peloton. I thought it was all cycle, but they have so many other options like strength and stretching, too. Sometimes I'll do a 45 minute interval class that incorporates cycling and arms all in one, but I kind of like separating the two instead.  

I love the music.  
There have been SO many songs that I've been reintroduced to that I completely forgot about.  90's rides are my jam and take me back to my high school days.  I have been known to belt out a tune while riding and while you might think that makes you feel like a fool, it actually makes working out so much fun. If the music in a class isn't good, I'm just not going to enjoy it as much.  One day during virtual learning I was determined to get a workout in and my son came down needing some help with a math assignment.  He sat on the ground while I kept riding and singing along. He stared up at me in disbelief asking, "You actually know this song?!?" It made me laugh so hard because it was something he'd never heard before, but was probably one of my favorites from back in the day. 

I love the themed rides. 
Some people ride to try and beat their personal records. Some people ride to try and get on the leaderboard.  Other's do it strictly for an intense workout.  I ride because I know swimsuit season is right around the corner and I know it's good for me, but I want it to be fun! You know what's fun...themed rides.  Brittany Spears and Backstreet Boys rides? A Cher or Whitney Houston ride? Greatest Showman and Broadway tunes rides?  YES, YES, YES! I love them all.  They are just fun and you almost don't realize that you are even working out.  

I love that I save time not driving to and from the gym. 
My opinion of this totally changed because I used to be in camp I have to leave the house to workout, but now I love being able to workout at home. It saves me so much time and I'm able to squeeze it in when I otherwise wouldn't be able to. I do miss going to classes and seeing friends there, but the saving time thing is so much more important to me.  Plus, so many of my friends have Peloton's now.  While it isn't the same as chatting with them before or after a barre class, it is fun to be able to talk about our favorite classes, instructors, etc. 

My Favorite Instructors
In the beginning I didn't really know anything about any instructors so just went at it blindly picking based on the type of class or type of music.  I quickly learned that for me the instructor can make or break the class.  You can either be smiling and singing along, feeling motivated and encouraged, and half-way forget that you are working out. OR, you can feel like it is the longest ride of your life and swear to never get on that bike again.  There are TONS of instructors and something for everyone.  

My very favorite ever is Ally Love.  

She is super positive, really encouraging and her giant smile is infectious. I often find myself smiling SO big during her classes because she always has a giant smile on her face.  She is really good at pushing you just a little more than you thought you could go and then acting genuinely proud of you for doing it.  I know sounds crazy because she can't really see you and the rides I do are all on-demand, but just trust me!  

Another instructor I love is Cody Rigsby. 

If you want to laugh, he's your guy.  He is hilarious and I find myself laughing out loud during all of his classes.  He also picks great music and dances during his classes (all while on the bike!) and just makes it FUN!

Lastly, the third instructor I enjoy is Leanne Hainsby.  

She has a sugary sweet personality, a British accent I love hearing, and her rides are just happy!  She also does a lot of themed rides, which are fun and they are always a great workout.  

I'd love to know your thoughts on Peloton if you have one!  What classes do you like?  Who are your favorite instructors?  Tell me all the things! 

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