Thursday, March 4, 2021

St. Patrick's Day Shirts for Women

 It's March! And while we've seen all the memes about "that" anniversary, we aren't here to talk about that. We're keep it fun over here. And what holiday is more fun than St. Patrick's Day?

We've been doing a good job of celebrating all the little moments that we can, and we realize just how fun that is for the kids. So this month we are talking all about St. Patrick's Day, constructing some pretty elaborate Leprechaun traps, and dreaming about what we would do with all that gold under the rainbow if we caught him. 

Super large beach house purchase. On my own private island. With all my friends and family. With a swim up beach bar. 

You know, just in case you are wondering. 

Even more fun (not so fun?!) the kids have locked into the idea of pinching if you aren't wearing green. 

Shocked??? Not in the least. 

So I'm arming myself come March 17th. And I've found some pretty cute pinch proof armor. Most options under $20. So I've got plenty of options to stay bruise-less. I've seen some fun not so in your face options as well (which is probably more my style). Like this fun Tie Dye Sweatshirt

Here is a quick peek at some of the St. Patrick's Day shirts for women I have found...

  1. Love Shamrock Tee
  2. Lucky Script Tee
  3. Leopard Shamrock Tee
  4. Lucky Script Sweatshirt
  5. Lucky Script Tee
  6. Retro Script Lucky Tee
  7. Lucky Teacher Tee
  8. Green Clover Tank
  9. Pub Sweatshirt 
  10. Lucky Rainbow Tee
  11. Sequin Shamrock Raglan Tee

I also thought this rainbow tee was cute too! And it comes in youth sizes so I can match the girls. 

I found a ton more great St. Patrick's Day options on Etsy - and almost all are still shippable in time! I could shop on there forever! But that is a convo for another day... 

Come shop with me and stay pinch proof friends! 

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