Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life Lately

Hi Everyone! Just thought I would pop in and give everyone a little update on life lately. Carrie Beth has been graciously holding down the blog for the entire month of July so far, and I am forever thankful for her and several special people in our life that have supported us over the last few weeks. 

On July 1st we received a call that my father-in-law was being taken to the hospital. From that point on our lives have been a blur. We made the trek to the family farm about an hour and a half from our home (which in Atlanta time translates to really three hours from our home - gotta love traffic), and haven't been home since. 

Days have been filled with long hospitals stays, meals on the go, and even the occasional waiting room slumber party. 

We've kept our spirits up only by the grace of God and truly some of the most wonderful people on this earth that we are lucky enough to call our family and friends. 

My heart goes out to anyone who has to spend long lengths at the hospital. It is taxing on both your body and your emotions. 

To the nurses, doctors, and other families who were also lucky enough to call the ICU waiting room their home along with us these last few weeks, I know we are forever grateful. Without their drive to lift up our spirits, say prayers along with us, and bring us copious amounts of Krispy Kreme donuts day and night we might not have survived. 

We still have a long road ahead of us. A road that is completely unknown. But if we have learned anything in this situation, we need to trust that the right path will be given to us. 

With that said, life is moving forward at a rapid pace - whether we are prepared or not. School is on the horizon (insert major tears here), and activities are resuming. So, I will be back shortly wowing you with my attempts at crafting, latest kitchen disasters, and new exercise routines (because you don't eat hospital food and Krispy Kreme donuts for 25 days straight and expect to have a body like a super model). 

With all the love, 

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