Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Stylish and Affordable Wall Art {Poster Store}

This summer while I'm home a little more than usual I've been trying to get some house projects checked off my to-do list. One of those projects was to find some wall art for a couple of spots in my house.  I happened to be introduced to Poster Store right around the time I started searching and it was perfect timing! When I hear posters I tend to think something my kids would bring home from the book fair, but that isn't the case here.  Poster Store specializes in wall art of the highest quality and is inspired by simplicity and elegance. 

I loved searching through all of their designs and ended up getting some floral illustrations for my dining room.  These aren't a set, but pair so nicely together!  It's the Vintage Magnolia, Vintage Banana Tree, Pink Plant Illustration and White Rose Illustration.  I did the oak frames with them and also the matting that Poster Store sells.  They turned out SO nice and I love the way the look.  

I also grabbed this Birds Illustration Poster for our guest bedroom.  The name of the street we live on is related to a bird, so I like to have little touches of birds all over the house.  When I saw this one I knew it would be perfect. 

Poster Store gave us a discount code to share with our readers.  Be sure to use the code MAGNOLIAMAMAS for 35% off prints.  This code excludes "selection prints" and is good until June 30th!  

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Amazon Swim Cover Ups

We have finally settled into the swing of summer break around here and are just loving all of our time spent in swimsuits by the pool or at the lake.  Next month we're going back to the Bahamas and we learned our lesson last year about what TO pack (we lived in swimsuits and coverups) and what NOT TO pack (any real clothes).  Since we're going to be spending 10 days living in swimsuits and coverups I decided to order a few new coverups for our trip and I found the CUTEST options from Amazon and most of them are on sale and under $30!

1. Chiffon Colorball Tassel Cover Up  ($23.00) 

2. V-neck Mini Dress Cover Up  ($24.00) 

3. V-neck Crochet Cover Up ($17.00)

4. Lace Trim V-neck Cover Up ($20.00)

5. Chiffon Sarong ($18.00)

6. Knit Dress Cover Up ($24.00)

7. Ruffle Trim Cover Up ($27.00)

8. White Crochet Sleeveless Tunic ($24.00)

9. Chiffon Tassel and Crochet Cover Up ($26.00)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms {Meal Planning & Grocery Lists}

 Happy June!!! Hello sunshine, hello summer. I've never been happier for a summer. May just about did me in so I was really happy to welcome summer break at our house.  

June marks about halfway through the year, halfway through the fun themed calendar pics, and a new post in the Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms series.  

This month is all about meal planning and grocery lists.  I ran into a friend at the grocery store last week and and we were talking about how much food our kids consume now that they are home for summer! It felt like the perfect time to cover these topics.

Meal Planning 
When some people hear meal planning they might think might think that is something elaborate.  I'm sure it could be because I know there are apps and calendars and all sorts of ways to keep up with this. However, for me it is literally figuring out the "What's for dinner?" question one week at a time and writing it down so I can keep track and have a general idea throughout the week.  

It's often written on the back of my grocery lists and I usually think about this on Sunday so I can plan for the week. Sometimes it changes during the week and it is always generally based on how our evenings looks. If the Mr. is out of town and everyone has practice, you better believe Chick-fil-a is written down for that night. I might not actually be cooking, but that night's meal is planned for!  Sometimes it will change as our plans change, but at least when I head to the grocery store on Sunday or Monday I have what I need to get dinner going the nights that we are actually home. 

I usually plan for Monday - Friday.  On Friday I will regroup and reassess what our weekend will look like. Who has sleepovers, are we hanging at the pool and grilling or going out with friends?  I often don't know our weekend plans so I do a mini meal planning session if we'll be home for the weekend. 

Grocery Lists

Some people keep elaborate grocery lists, spreadsheets, have lists on their phones or tell their Alexa to add it to a list.  I'm old school though so I keep a notepad by the fridge and constantly add to it when I think of something we need or when we run out of pantry staples. Even though I'd like to think I would remember when I am actually at the store, I know won't.   

The best thing I have trained my kids to do is to add to the grocery list.  
Their favorite snack is gone and they want me to get more? Add it to the list. 
They need more toothpaste? Add it to the list. 
Want to bake with friends and need supplies?  Add it to the list.  

It's easy to pick out what they add, but I don't mind! They've stopped requesting things in person because they just know I'm going to tell them to go write it down for me. It's actually like a magical list.  They write it down and it appears in our fridge or pantry. This method ensures everyone gets what they want/need and it saves me from making multiple trips to the store. 

Although this summer I do feel like I'm making more trips than normal, but I'm totally fine with it! I'm just happy for them to be home, having friends over, and enjoying the short, but sweet summer break we have! 


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Friday, June 3, 2022

Book Club: May 2022

June is here!  Hello lazy days of summer.  If we are being honest it's been one week of summer and not one second of it has felt lazy yet, but we are hopeful that it is on the horizon.  Hoping for some pool days, beach vacations, and lots of fun in the sun with a book in one hand and a yummy cocktail in the other. 



First up for me was Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score. This was typical romance novel with some rated R love scenes, but also a lot of sweet moments, too.  Bad boy Knox who claims he will never fall for a good girl ends up doing just that.  Naomi, a runaway bride, gets sucked into small town life and is thrust into the guardianship of her niece overnight.  In a new place with nowhere to turn, Knox ends up showing them the ropes, introducing her, and always looking out for her well being.  The two end up falling for each other and his relationship with her is just was sweet as his relationship with her niece.  Add in the crazy twin sister, the fun gay friend, the supportive parents and a town full of good-hearted people and this was a story to make you feel good.  

I heard about Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus earlier this spring, but when I saw it pop up as a recommendation last month I decided to give it a try and I'm so happy I did!  It was probably one of my favorite books I've read all year. It follows Elizabeth Zott, a quirky and forward thinking chemist who is out to prove to herself, her daughter, and to all the women around her that women can do anything.  Set in the 1950s and 1960s, she was only one of a few females in an overly male profession.  She pushed limits, tested boundaries, and didn't take no for an answer all while exhibiting style, grace, and class. By chance she finds herself hosting a cooking show, but does it her own way. She includes teaching the science behind cooking and also shares her mission that women can and should be valued to housewives all over the country. This book made me laugh out loud and also touched on very important issues in our society.  I highly recommend it to anyone!  


First up for the month was The Golden Couple. Oh my goodness - if domestic suspense novels are your thing - grab this one. I tend to dip in and out of this genre, but this is probably one of the best ones I have ever read. 

The story follows two different characters. Marissa Bishop is a wealthy mom and business owner looking to repair her marriage. Avery is a therapist with a special style of counseling that is guaranteed to help anyone in just a few sessions. Both characters have secrets that emerge throughout the story and are that are a constant threat to their lives as well as their loved ones. 

Every time I thought I would figure out one mystery a new twist would emerge and I'd be thrown off all over again. The end is a total doozy and while I screamed, "I knew it!", I was also stunned. I loved how the authors tied the two characters together and how it all wrapped up. Totally recommend this page turner. 

Second for the month was a FUN one! One of Us is Dead was gifted to me, but I am oh so glad it was. This is a mystery but with a lot of southern sass mixed into it. Think Real Housewives but with domestic thriller twist. The story is centered around an elite and wealthy group of women in Buckhead and their go-to salon, Glow.

The local shoutout had me laughing. 

Secrets, drama, affairs - this book had all the juicy twist and turns. I could not put it down.

If you are looking for a quick and fun read - snag this one! It would be a perfect one to pack in your beach bags. 

Clearly I was in a mystery/suspense mood last month because last up on my reading pile was The Younger Wife.  This is categorized a thriller/suspense novel, but to me it read more like a family drama. The story is centered around a family that has been dealing with a mother who has early age dementia. The dad has met someone new and there will be a wedding. The story is told from several points of view: one mystery POV, both daughters, and the dad's new love interest. You learn of a murder, but don't know who dies, who does it, and what happens until the very end. 

The storyline kept me hooked, but it also moved a little slow to me. There are a ton of extra secrets and details that get released about each member of the family, and the end finished at warp speed compared to the rest of the novel. 

I enjoyed it, but of the three suspense books in my pile this month, The Younger Wife would be third on the list. 



Next up for me is Rivals by Katherine McGee.  It is the third book in the American Royals series. I named the first book in this series my favorites of the year a few years ago so I'm excited to get started on this one!


I've heard amazing things about the book Lessons in Chemistry, and after hearing Carrie Beth's review I am definitely going to move that one up in my reading pile. But first up...

Book Lovers by Emily Henry. I need something a little different to kick off Summer with than murder and have already made it a few chapters into this one! I loved Henry's first two books, so I can't wait to see how I feel about this one. 



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