Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Football Season is HERE!!!

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer for many, but it also marks the beginning of fall and with that comes college football season!  

Seriously, if you live down south this is a HUGE deal and the friendly rivals that come along with cheering for your favorite team is just a way of life.  We decorate our houses, our cars, and our kids. Haha!  Our school had college spirit day on Friday, so the kids were all decked out in their red and black. 

I told them to give me their best "Go DAWGS!" and they were just as excited as I was about cheering for our team.  

I love pulling out my burlap football door hangers that I made a few years ago!  They remain one of my favorite DIY projects and you can read all about how to make some of your own HERE.  

We don't make it to a ton of games anymore and sometimes actually prefer to watch from home, but when given the chance to go we don't turn it down!  Saturday's match up was UGA vs. UNC and it was played at the Georgia Dome! 

One of my favorite things about the games (besides the actual football) is seeing what everyone wears!  It's fun to see all of the school colors displayed in so many different outfits and not only for our team, but for the opposing team, too.  It's also the first thing I think about during football season when I'm getting dressed!  Isn't that funny?  Last week I found some great things at Goodwill (more on that another day), but these J Crew light blue and white gingham shorts were one of my favorite finds (along with some cute shoes, too!).

I wore the shorts today and my first thought was, these would be so cute for game day if I was a North Caroline Tarheel.  On Saturday there was some Carolina blue in the stadium, but mostly it was a sea of red and black.  Thankfully our beloved Dawgs came out on top and got our season off to a great start!

What team do you cheer for on game day?  

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