Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites

Woo Hoo!!!  It's Friday!!!  We've had a busy, but fun week and are super excited about the weekend ahead.  Today we are linking up with some of our favorite bloggers to share our Friday Favorites.

So the weather had been pretty amazing here.  It's warm, but it feels like fall so I've been so happy to bust out some of my fall clothes and mix it in with the summer. One of my favorite outfits recently has been this: 

 Also on this day I wore my new monogram necklace from Unlikely Market.  I love it so much and right now you can use the code MM15 to receive 15% off your orders.  These would make GREAT Christmas gifts!!!  

My next favorite are all of the adorable preschool projects my little guy brings home!  I have a fridge full of them and it makes me so happy to see him so proud of his work.  Today he came home with a haunted house (gingerbread house style) and couldn't wait to start eating the candy off of it!  

It also makes me thankful for this last year of him in preschool before Kindergarten and I am trying to savor every moment.  Especially compared to the mountains of expectations for my sweet 4th grader. I just know it all goes so quickly and these kids are expected to grow up too fast, in my opinion.  I guess because of that still having one in preschool is a major favorite of mine this week!  

Last weekend we finally made it to a pumpkin patch and we were able to get pumpkins for our porch.  October has just been such a busy month for us, but I honestly couldn't bring myself to buy pumpkins at the grocery store, even though I really wanted some for the porch.  Now I feel like the porch is looking complete and ready for Halloween!  

Last week when the weather started cooling off I started my hunt for a new pair of booties.  I really was leaning towards the Toms wedge ones.  I decided to make a quick stop in to try on a few other pairs before making my decision and ended up getting these!  I love the style and the color.  Plus, they are comfortable enough to wear all day, which was my main goal. 

My others had a heel that was so high that I couldn't wear them for very long.  I love that these have a heel, but not a very high one so I can wear them from morning to night without my feet screaming at me.  I can't tell you how many complements I have gotten on them. I love that the cognac color matches pretty much everything and I'm obsessed with the detail on the back!  

Lastly I am super excited about going to see some of our favorite friends today!  I'm flying to Florida to meet up with them and we will all be heading to the GA/FL game together.  We are obviously UGA fans and they love the Gators.  We've had lots of fun adventures together, but never a rivalry football game, so it should be a fun weekend!  

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  1. You porch looks adorable :) love it
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