Monday, July 10, 2017

Lake Cumberland Houseboat Trip

Happy Monday!  Jen mentioned on Friday that I had been out of town and although we came back mid-week, it took me until now to feel like I was settled and back on track with our normal schedule. 

Some of you may remember last year I shared about our houseboat trip to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  We had an amazing time and although it probably wasn't the kind of trip I would have planned, it was tons of fun.  So much fun that we decided to do it again this year. Same trip, same people, same location, different experience.  

If something could have gone wrong on the trip, it did.  Now, we still had SO much fun and made lots of amazing memories, but things didn't run quite as smoothly this year as it did last year or maybe the newness of the trip had worn off.  Let's just say 1 day with no running water, one potty that did work part of the time, a hot tub that had some major issues, a kid that almost broke a leg, the stomach bug that claimed 4 victims (including yours truly), a virus that claimed several others, and a crazy crew that joined our peaceful location for part of the week were just some of the mishaps that occurred during our week away.  

However, all of the mishaps and craziness aside, we still had so much fun with our friends and will have stories to laugh about for years to come.  

We woke up early and hit the road for our 5 hour drive to Lake Cumberland.  The kids were so excited and their anticipation was infectious!

We towed our boat there so we would have a ski boat for the week and easily be able to run to the marina for ice and other things we might need.  

I was laughing at all of the stuff I had in the front seat with me and one was this bag of chargers for every device we had on the trip.
#momlife in 2017  

On the way there I wore this adorable Hello, Sunshine tank.  The girls and I spotted it in Target when we were buying a few essentials for the trip and I knew I had to have it, along with a few others I'll share in a sec.  

tank//shorts (similar)//shoes//bag

After a quick grocery run we moved all of our things onto our home for the next week and set sail to find a great spot for the evening.  

We quickly fell into a routine that would last for the remainder of the week.  Lots of good food, yummy drinks, water sports and laughs!  

The girls wanted to bring matching tops for their friends and these Namaste on Vacay tanks were perfect!  They wore them as coverups some days and as cute tops on other days.  After seeing the gorgeous views and amazing weather, we were all feeling pretty sure we could stay on vacay!

On our second day we made the ride down to 76 Falls and tied up. We were the only ones there and had planned to stay for a few days.  The kids love swimming under the waterfall and it was such a gorgeous backdrop.  Well, a few days turned into five and before we knew it it was almost time to go home!  We just didn't want to leave!

We weren't alone though.  There were tons of houseboats that stayed for the long haul and lots of boats that would just come and hang out for the day.

We passed the time with all kinds of fun in the sun.  From just hanging out at the house boat, floating in the water, sliding, napping in hammocks, paddle boarding and boat rides, we definitely got our fill of Lake Life fun. The days all seemed to run together and that is a good thing when you're on vacation!

We stocked up on sunscreen for the week and the kids knew the drill. After breakfast they would all change from pajamas to swimsuits and before heading outside for the day they had to be lathered up. I used my favorite Beautycounter stick sunscreen for our faces and this new whipped sunscreen.  It goes on super smooth and is easy to rub in!

My friend and I decided that this was a trip, not a vacation and it is kind of like camping on the water.  It's full of good times and tan lines.  When I saw this tank before we left I just knew it would be the perfect description of this trip.  

In fact, since the girls were bringing matching tanks for their friends, I wanted to bring a matching one for my friend, too!  

We have decided that we will not do this trip again next year, but one thing is for sure, we'll do some sort of summer vacation with our friends because we love them so much and any time spent with them is a good time! 

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