Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Kentucky Derby Party

Last year when the Mr. and I went to the Derby we had SO much fun.  I loved getting dressed up, wearing hats, placing bets and watching fast horses.  It was my first horse race ever and I just loved everything about it. On our ride home I told my friends I wanted to plan a Derby party for next year so that we all had a reason to wear our hats again and they all agreed.

Well, shockingly we had an afternoon and evening free the day of the Derby this year.  With no practices, tournaments or games, I was so happy to host our first annual Derby party!

I was able to find some free printables online and used those in part of my decorations.  Also, I bought a big bunch of red roses and split them into smaller vases and mint julep glasses to put all around.

We served Mint Juleps, and then of course other adult beverages also.  

We had ordered BBQ from one of our favorite places and then also had these delicious cake squares from my favorite bakery.  I used my girls' doll horses and just adorned them with red rose trim, which everyone got a kick out of.  

We had a very simple betting system so everyone could have a horse in the race. My favorite didn't win, but it made it more fun to watch the race and cheer them on.  

As our guests left we sent them on their way with some Kentucky Bourbon of their own as party favors.  

I was so happy that everyone got into the them of the party and dressed the part.  Lots of seersucker, hats, bow ties and preppy clothes all around! Once our friends started arriving I put my phone down and really tried to enjoy their company. Therefore, I don't have a ton of pictures, but I guess that is a sign of a good party.  Lots of fun had by all!  

We were exhausted by the end of it and agreed it was a lot of work, but so worth it. Now I'm thinking of what my next party might be.  We love celebrating with our friends!!!

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