Monday, February 18, 2019

The Georgia Swarm

Okay friends, how did I not know we had a professional lacrosse team in Atlanta?! Not only did I not know about the Georgia Swarm, I didn't know they were the NLL World Champions in 2017!

I'll be honest, I know very little about lacrosse. A few friends played in high school, but I've never attended a game, let alone a professional one. The popularity of the sport is increasing in our area, and kids are starting to get into it younger. As a sports lover I've always been intrigued. So when the Georgia Swarm asked if we would like to attend a home game as a media guest we hopped at the chance to both see a live game and learn more about it. 

The Swarm play out of Infinite Energy Center just north of Atlanta. I learned that they are the only team part of the NLL to have a home base in the south. The next closest team is in New York. In fact, almost all of the teams in the NLL are based out of the northern states and Canada. I love that they chose the peach state to represent the southern fan base. 

And now after attending a game, I hope they never leave. 

Y'all it was SO. MUCH. FUN. From the minute we sat down in our seats, I we were entertained. 

The game is so face paced and reminds me a little bit of hockey. Cute loved it right off the bat, and has already asked repeatedly (1.) when he can play lacrosse? and (2.) when he can see another game? 

 We spent the first three quarters in lower level seats which had an awesome view of the field, but for the fourth quarter decided to change it up a bit. We were given Goal Zone passes as part of our media package and I wanted to check out that view too. 

The Swarm Goal Zone section resides at one end zone of the field. It has designated on-glass rows of seats, a spectacular view, and a bar with specialty cocktails. It also has a large stage for any surprise performers that might appear. 

I mentioned the view was amazing right?! 

Cute loved feeling like he was in on all the action. You get such an up close view of the game and the players! 

Right after I took this picture, two players slammed into the glass battling for the ball. Cute was beyond pumped after that. 

I had no clue lacrosse was such an intense game. I mean, they wear pads and some protective gear, but there's wrestling, checking, and flying sticks. Not to mention a tiny hard little ball flying around at such a fast speed. These players are tough.  

And they put it all out there which only adds to the excitement of the game. 

New Sting City shirt and merchandise was unveiled on Feb. 9th. I got an early sneak peek at the new line. 

I learned the Georgia Swarm fans love their players, and are beyond supportive of their home team. The cheering, chanting, and rallying never stops the entire time. And I get it. It's a wild and super fun sporting event experience. Everyone I brought to the game with me agrees and now the Georgia Swarm has a dozen new fans. 

Cute being the biggest of them all. As I was finishing up some things in the Goal Zone, he spotted the Swarm's goalie Mike Poulin. He ran right over, and even though Poulin was "off the clock" and trying to spend time with friends and family who came to support him during the game, he took the time to chat with Cute and take a few photos. 

Cute was so excited. I've literally heard every day how he needs to go back to game to see his friend Mike. Poulin and the Swarm have a fan for life. 

We can't wait to head back to Sting City to check out another home game. There are still a few left in the season with some fun theme nights thrown in too. 

In case you want to check out a Georgia Swarm game (you totally do!) here is what's scheduled for the remainder of the season. 

Saturday, March 2nd @ 7:05p.m.
Heroes Night

Friday, March 22nd @ 7:35p.m. 
Faith & Family Night featuring a 45 minute post game concert by North Point's Inside Out Band

Friday, April 5th @ 7:35p.m.
Ladies Night
Diamond Drop Night! One lucky lady will take home a diamond necklace worth $18,000! 

Saturday, April 20th @ 7:05p.m.
Fan Appreciation Night

Visit here to learn more about the Georgia Swarm and purchase tickets! Also check out the hashtag #StingCity on social media for a closer peek at your new favorite lacrosse team. 

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