Monday, May 13, 2019

Baseball Bedroom

I've been on a roll recently with some house projects and refreshing a few rooms here and there.  I was happy to knock out the girls' rooms (HERE and HERE) and recently updated my patio which I will share soon, too!  

One room that has been hanging over my head is my son's baseball room.  I redid his room a while back and he's been loving it.  

He had navy bedding, so I just switched out some of the accessories to go with the baseball theme.  

There were still a few things I wanted to accomplish including a gallery wall.  I went to Board and Brush with some baseball mamas last month and made a customized sign to include in his room.  This forced me to sort through photos, collect some other items and finally get it all hung!  

I got the large star and the H at Hobby Lobby, the baseball sign was a Facebook Marketplace find and the pictures I got printed from CVS.  Super easy and I feel like I can add to it with more photos or memorabilia. He's so happy with it and told me when this wall gets filled up we should move to covering the other walls!  

I do have another picture ready to add to it though.  A few weeks ago we were at the Braves game we happened to be at the right place at the right time and he was asked to give the official "play ball" announcement on the field. He was SO excited and as soon as he came off the field he asked if we could add that picture to his baseball wall. :-) 

We made a few other updates over the past couple months including his shelves that are getting overloaded with trophies, bobble heads and game balls!  

He proudly displayed his bobble head collection here!  

My dad gave him the glove that was his as a kid and he picked out a special baseball from his basket to put in the glove. 

 We also moved this small table and chairs to his room when we redid the playroom. He loves to draw so this is the perfect spot for that! 

I'd like to think this room is "done" and although I'm sure there will continue to be some little chances here and there, I feel like I can finally check this one off my list!  

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