Thursday, January 16, 2020

Rug Refresh with Old Time Pottery

Thank you Old Time Pottery for sponsoring our Rug Refresh. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

I'm knocking items off my January project list left and right. This week's project was a rug refresh. I feel like a rug is one of those decor pieces that you should always put at the top of the list. It anchors the room, can pull together colors, or can serve as texture to your space. Last year I updated all the rugs on the main floor of our home, so this year I decided to set my sights on our bedrooms and upper floor of our home. 

Because these are some of the rooms the kids frequent the most, and not ones typically seen by guests, I wanted to try to keep these rugs more budget friendly. Old Time Pottery was one of the first places that popped into my mind. They are usually one of the top places I go when I need seasonal decor or great accessories, but I remembered they also have a large rug section. 

And boy do they ever. I didn't realize how large of a selection they actually have until I started working my way through it. 

Indoor rugs. Out door rugs. Bathroom rugs. Large, medium sized, small, handmade...they offer it all. 

There are tons of colors, patterns, piles, and textures available in a variety of sizes. I knew I needed something in the 5x7 to 8x10 range, and had specific colors in mind. I had a hard time limiting myself to not take a basket full of rugs home. There were so many great options and one rug in particular had me almost convinced to re-do an entire space around it. But, I managed to show restraint. 

For now. 

My favorite shopping buddy and I left with two rugs - one for the baby's room and one for our master bedroom. 


Our bedroom seems to be one of those spaces I constantly am tweaking. I think because it is one of the rooms we spend the most time in it. We have a little reading/TV watching nook set up in it and the kids love snuggling up in it while I'm folding laundry or cleaning. 

I've actually been on a hunt for a rug for this room for years, but could never find anything I just loved. Just when I put it out of my mind, I find something. This was actually the first rug I spotted at Old Time Pottery. I noticed the cute tassel edges and it looked like the right color blue that we have sprinkled throughout the room. When I opened it up to check it, I knew immediately it was going to come home with me. And for less than $130...Mr. Cute is lucky I didn't buy two. 

The rug also has a subtle cream pattern in it too that I love. 

The rug was just what our bedroom needed for a little pop of color amidst all the neutral whites we have going on. 


The nursery is the room that will be getting the biggest makeover this year. Our baby isn't so baby any more. It's more than time for her to be in a big girl bed. And let's be honest, she's only slept in that crib like five days her entire life. She "naps" in it some nights, but most of the time she sneaks into our bed or her siblings beds. 

Her room will be staying similar colors, but she's requested a "princess" room. When I spotted this rug, I knew it would be the perfect addition to her big girl room makeover. 

But I just couldn't resist going ahead and putting it out. It immediately brightened her entire room. I wish I had done a rug refresh in there earlier. 

Her room is one of my favorites we've done in our house. It will be bitter sweet to see it change from nursery to a big girl room. She's the last of our little ones and it reminds me how quickly she is growing up. 

But it is fun getting her input and seeing her little personality take shape in her room. More pink, more "make-up", and more soft touches like this rug. It was also a steal at under $100 for the quality and the size (its a 5x7). 

I'll share more about her updated room soon, but for now we're all enjoying these little rug refreshes I found at Old Time Pottery. Now to decide whether to go back for that rug I'm still thinking about days later...

Visit HERE to start your own rug refresh with Old Time Pottery. 

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