Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Easy 10 Minute Donut Recipe


I can't lay claim to these drool-worthy little circles of goodness. This was all Mr. Magnolia's doing. He was on a trip recently and they served these homemade donuts as an after dinner treat. From the first bite he was in love. 

He asked the chef,"Mrs. Becky", how to make them, and she responded that it was easier than he probably realized. She was also nice enough to share the recipe. 

Today the kids were literally jumping for joy when they saw "Daddy Donuts" were on the breakfast menu. They really are super easy and he was able to knock out a dozen before leaving for work. 

We plan to repeat these Christmas morning! 

The donuts take about ten minutes to make and require only four ingredients. Such an easy treat that has more than enough yummy wow factor for your holiday guests. 


Serves: 5 - 10
Total Time: 10 Minutes


- One can of biscuits (Mr. Magnolia suggests using flaky ones.)
- 2 tablespoons of butter
- 1 cup of confectioners sugar
- Vegatable Oil


1: Open biscuits and flatten with fingers. Form a hole in the center. 

2: Put oil in a pan. Go for about an inch of depth. Turn on medium heat. Prep a cookie sheet and lay to the side of your pan. 

3: Place donuts in oil and flip slowly until medium brown in color. 

4: Place browned donuts on cookie sheet to dry. 

5: In a regular sized bowl warm butter in the microwave for about 45 seconds, or until fully melted.
6: Mix butter with sugar until you get a creamy frosting texture. 
7: Drizzle over the donuts and serve immediately. 

And that's it! Quick and easy homemade donuts. 

Now to break out my even stretchier stretchy pants because YUM!

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