Thursday, February 4, 2021

Budget Friendly Activewear We LOVE!

In 2020, we embraced the athleisure trend with open arms. In 2021, we have no plans on stopping. It just works for us. Our jobs are at home, and we wear so many hats throughout the day, we've come to value an outfit that can keep up with our lifestyle. 

Trendy and affordable activewear is becoming more common, but weeding through the brands to make sure they pass the test can be tedious. Sure you look good, but then you bend over, and well...the rest is see through not for children's eyes history. And while we love a good pair of compression leggings, we also love our blood being able to circulate. Then there is our personal favorite - making sure our sports bra is supportive, but also doesn't require a Houdini like effort to get in and out of it. Or our husbands and a pair of scissors. 

By the grace of the activewear gods though, we've stumbled upon a new affordable athletic wear brand that we absolutely LOVE

Budget friendly active wear


We were introduced to Halara a few months ago, and each tried a few pieces. OMG! When they say "soft as clouds activewear" they have the buttery goodness to back it up. 

Putting on their Cloud9 leggings is like wearing a second skin. A really smooth soft, second skin that's been blessed by the wings of an angel. 

Then we tried their "In My Feels" line, and found equally comfortable results!

Even better...Halara's soft, yet supportive technology doesn't stop at leggings. They have a whole line of amazing activewear pieces to ensure you're comfortable head to toe! 


One of our favorite things about the Halara brand is that they make trendy, high quality athletic wear pieces, but at super affordable price points. 

We were instantly drawn to all the on trend patterns, and fun sports bra backs that look like more expensive brands, but without the expensive price tag to go with it. Everything on their website is under $50 (with a lot of items $25-$30!), and they offer free shipping for orders over $59. 

Even more amazing? Their mission is to make their brand 100% sustainable. They are a brand created for women, run by women, and are committed to creating their fun activewear pieces while avoiding the fast fashion traps. They also have plans for expanding their collection to offer organic and recycled pieces. 


Halara means "take it easy" in Greek, and this has become their company's mission statement. Well we want you to make it your mission too! We love Halara (And we know you will!!!), so we asked them for a discount code. They were happy to share with our readers! 

Use code FFGGBS to snag 30% off your Halara athletic wear purchase!

We've already got another order in our carts, but you'll have to tell us what pieces you are going to try and how much you love them! 

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