Friday, May 28, 2021

Friday Favorites {5.28.2021}

Happy Friday friends! This Friday is extra special because it's the LAST Friday of the school year. That might be my top favorite of all! 

In a school year, we weren't sure what was going to happen (or even if it would), my school district pulled out all the stops and since August 1st we've been going strong. That means ten full months of school and I am more than ready for a break. 

And to stop packing lunches. 

And to say goodbye to that annoying morning alarm. 

But no more whining...because it was a GREAT year. The kids had so much fun at their new school, and already have a ton of friends they can't wait to kick off Summer with. 

Speaking of ways to kick off about with a yummy drink or two? I've been introduced to two canned drinks lately that taste like Summer in a can. One alcoholic and one healthy energy drink. Both need to be added to your next grocery list! 

A few weekends ago we hosted some friends for a pool get together.  One of my girlfriends said she left a special treat for me in the fridge. It was this drink...

Oh my! This is dangerous dangerous lemonade. All the flavors are so good! It is also locally made. Field trip anyone?

Second, drink is this V8 Energy drink. I've been trying to find a healthier caffeine/energy drink option and spotted this flavor in Target. I gave it a try and instantly added it to my Amazon Subscribe & Save order. A lot of people saw me drinking it and asked if it was thick like typical V8 drinks. The answer? No. It's like and bubbly and tastes like a spritzer with out the alcohol. Think non-alcoholic Truly. 

You're welcome. 

While we all love Summer, it also means lots of downtime to fill in between sports and swimming. My kids love to do puzzles, and we've found a few Summer inspired ones my daughter is into lately. 

Buffalo Games also has the best puzzles, and tons of fun options and sizes to do. My son has asked for their Star Wars puzzles to work on. 

I think I am going to order a few more to entertain along the way over the next few months. I asked the kids to pick out their favorite ones and it was funny to see some of the ones they liked (spoiler alert: lots of entertaining animals.)

My kids also like to play a lot of games during the Summer, and this card game lately has been their favorite. 

Card games are always so easy to throw in a bag and bring anywhere with us. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza has been fun for both the kids and the adults, and one that has gotten a ton of laughs out of all of us. 

Seriously, it has provided hours of entertainment!

Summer time means swimming and swimming means swimsuit season. Some people dread this part of the Summer, but I LOVE it! A swimsuit, cut-off shorts, and a pair of flip flops is my favorite outfit to wear. 

On our trip to Carillon Beach, I realized I need to add a few new swimsuits to my wardrobe. I've since stocked up on cover-ups, but some of my go-to swimsuits are starting to show some wear/age. So this week I ordered a few new ones. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival because the boat is ready to go and the pool is on the daily schedule now until October.

Here are some of the one pieces that made it to my cart, and some I am still thinking about. All are under $100 (most under $40!)


My son also needed some new suits and I ordered a few for him as well. He seems so small to me still at ten, but lately he has been growing like a weed. He's tall and lanky, and even though it is the style, I just can't wrap my mind around super short swim trunks. So ordering I did...

I snagged all of these from Belk. They have a great selection of swim attire for boys and also have lots of coordinating rash guards since we spend a lot of time outside and on the water. 

I also picked up a cute little outdoor table for the girls - it matches my pool/patio decor even down to the coordinating umbrella so I couldn't resist! 

Then I threw in my cart some new pool towels and goggles. Because around here we can always use more!

Love when you can do one stop shopping for all the things. Belk has a great outdoor section this year if you need anything - even camping gear! 

That wraps up my favorites for this week. Now to SUMMER!!!

What are some of your favorites lately?

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