Monday, August 9, 2021

A Grand Slam 1st Birthday Party

 A few weeks ago, my little nephew turned one. My sister went above and beyond for his first birthday (she comes by it honestly), and I couldn't resist sharing some of the adorable details with you! 

Every single detail was so stinking cute. I'll try to link up what I can because I can see some of these details being fun for team parties and other aged birthday parties as well. 

I was also super excited I could pull out my astro turf runner I had made. See Mr. Magnolia, it's already been put to lots of use! ;) 

My brother-in-law's mother is an excellent baker and made several of the treats and the smash cake. I thought these baseball themed cupcakes were so cute. She accented them with USA themed Oreos, baseball cupcake liners and MLB cupcake toppers. 

My mom had these party favor cookies made by a local baker friend. They were out of the park yummy too! 

I loved the little details my sister snuck in too! I'm not sure the other party guests noticed these vintage baseball cards with everything else going on, but I did. She ordered them in the years that she and her husband were born. Such a fun, small detail. 

She had a ton of fun stations set up for guests too! There was a posing station, a signing station, a concession snack stand, and a popcorn stand station. 

While baby L wasn't a huge fan of getting dirty or his cake, he was a huge fan of his party. As were we all.

There were a lot of adorable details I didn't get to capture. I wish I had taken more photos, but it was a pool party and mom duties were required (i.e. the kids needed an adult to splash, throw, and catch them). 

Have you thrown a baseball themed party? What were some of your favorite details, or items that were a huge hit? Share with us to give other readers some inspiration! 

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  1. OH so cute! I actually miss having over the top birthdays like this. I used to go all out for my boys birthdays and parties and now that they're teenagers they ask me not to do that sort of stuff. I get it but I LOVE a good themed party!!


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