Tuesday, September 14, 2021

10 Tips For Adding Fall Style To Your Home {Including FieldBouquet's Fall Florals}

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It’s almost FALL!!!!  That doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot her in the South where it still feels like summer, but we can pretend and wish for leaves starting to change and the temperatures to cool off a bit. Hopefully where you live you are getting a taste of fall. Heading into a new season with a couple of fun holidays gives us the perfect excuse to decorate our homes! We’re sharing 10 easy tips for adding fall style to your already existing home decor. 

1. Fall Florals 

Fall colors are so beautiful and an easy way to add some of those colors to your home is with flowers!  FieldBouquet is an affordable boxed flower delivery service.  They deliver prearranged flowers to your home, business or workplace   Each fresh bouquet is specially prepared to fit within the provided vase. We love the Forever Spain, Forever France, and Forever Italy bouquets because they are full of fall colors. 

The sunflowers paired with deep red and orange roses is the perfect addition to our fall decor.  The perfect thing about FieldBouquet is you can be assured you will have a beautifully styled bouquet and it takes all of the guess work out of having to fuss with it yourself.  Plus, the fact that it is delivered right to your doorstep is a major time saver.  Having a dinner party, hosting a baby shower, planning an event?  This is the perfect affordable option

2. Accent Pillows 

One of our favorite ways to decorate for a new season (and probably the easiest way) is to use decorative accent pillows. Adding pillows here and there is a simple way to bring some fall color and a touch of the holiday to your homes.  From porch swings, hearths, couches and sitting areas, you’ll be amazed what some plaid or themed pillows will do to make your home feel cozy and comfortable for fall. 

3.  Fall Fragrances

In addition to the amazing floral scents of FieldBouquet fall flowers, we also love scented candles and soaps. You know how there are just some scents that you associate with a season?  Anything from Pumpkin Spice to Apple Cider or Cinnamon to Sandalwood will instantly make you think of fall.  Lighting a scented candle or washing your hands on repeat with the scents of fall is sure to bring all the fall vibes. 

4. Light a Fire 

We can’t think of a better way to cozy up in a family room than with a fire going in the fireplace.  However, if you are like us in the south when it still feels like summer in the fall that might not be practical.  You could even just add a basket of firewood on your hearth to give the impression that you plan to light a fire.

5. Extra Layers = Comfy and Cozy 

Fall means cooler temperature and we couldn’t be more excited about that!  Having some extra layers like fuzzy blankets or soft pillows around your home is perfect for fall. Wrapping up in a blanket while reading or watching TV is one of the easiest ways to feel comfy and cozy. Keeping blankets in baskets near seating areas makes them accessible to everyone and gives you all the fall feels just looking at them!

6. Everyday Decor 

One of the best tips for adding any sort of holiday decor to your home is to mix pieces in to what you already have.  There is no need to start from scratch. Just a few little touches here and there can really transform a space.  Some fall floral stems added to greenery already in place, some holiday ribbon around an existing lantern and switch out an existing frame with one of your favorite snapshots from that holiday is a simple way to add a touch of holiday fun to your home. 

7. All about the kids 

Let’s be honest…celebrating holidays like Halloween is just more fun as a mom.  We love making these holidays exciting for our kids and doing extra special things to make this time of year memorable for them.  Holiday books are one of our favorite things to collect and we keep them all in a pretty basket accessible to the entire family.  Not only is it a place to keep all of the books, but it  looks cute, too!  We also love adding little touches to their playrooms and bedrooms so they really get in the spirit! 

8. Don’t forget outside 

If you are like us, not too many people see the inside of your house, but a lot of people probably see the outside!  That’s why we think it’s just as important to decorate outside of your homes as it is to decorate indoors. It’s amazing what some pillows on your front porch, a small pumpkin and lantern will do to make a space feel festive! 

9. Seasonal Serving Pieces 

Is there anything more fun that some seasonal serving pieces?  You could be planning a dinner party, a big shindig or even just a family dinner, but having themed plates, platters or mugs would be the perfect touch.  You don’t have to purchase an entire set of dishes.  Just mix in some holiday pieces with your existing things to give it a seasonal spinoff.  Cute pumpkin bowls, pretty placemats or even just some fun napkins can totally transform your table.  

10. Reusable items 

While it is fun to stock up on real pumpkins of every shape, size and color, the truth is that they rot and you end up throwing them away.  Of course we get real pumpkins for our kids to carve and decorate, but we don’t go crazy.  We’d rather put that money into reusable items that can be pulled out year after year.  We like to add a little something new to our holiday decor each year and sometimes a cute little ceramic pumpkin is all it takes to make us happy and make our homes feel like fall! 

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