Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I feel like this week has dragged on so I'm really happy to finally have Friday here.  I discovered it's been a little while since we've shared our Friday Favorites and I've got a pretty random assortment of favorites for today.  Some are new to me items and some are my tried and true, but all of them are amazing! 

First up are my very favorite no-show invisible socks.  

I have tried almost every invisible sock on the market and they all slip down and don't stay in place...except these!  I had two pairs and eventually they got lost in the dryer or just life so I was stuck wearing ones that didn't stay in place. One day I was so fed up that I stopped by Walmart to stock up on my favorites again.  The brand is On The Go and they sell two packs in the store or 6 packs online here.  Nothing annoys me more than my socks not staying in place and if you're in the market for some good socks, give these a try! 

Next up is my new favorite vacuum. Crazy, I know, that I'm calling a vacuum one of my favorites, but it is!  I've never had a cordless vacuum before and never knew how much I needed one. 

We have a golden retriever and if you know, you know.  The shedding is out of control and something I have just learned to deal with because we love him so much.  BUT, I feel like this cordless vacuum has changed the way I keep my hardwood floors clean.  I can run it easily here and there without dragging out my giant vacuum and it is so light that all of my kids can easily use it also.  It is a GREAT price at just under $100 and way less than the more expensive name brand.  My only complaint is that the charge doesn't last as long as I would hope, but for the price it really isn't that big of a deal. 

My next favorite is my Loopy phone case! 

I have always wanted a Loopy phone case, but when I got my new phone it was during the spring of 2020 when shipping times were crazy long and things were still shut down so I didn't want to wait the few weeks it would have taken.  My other case needed to be replaced a few months ago and I was excited to finally try out the Loopy.  I had been using a a pop socket for a few years so it took a little getting used to, but now I don't think I will ever go back!  The Loopy makes carrying my phone when my hands are full with other things a breeze and I very rarely drop my phone anymore because of the loop.  I love the black and white check, but there are a ton of different designs. 

I shared these earrings on Instagram stories the other day, but wanted to share them here, too. I love the new heart jewelry from Kendra Scott!  They have so many adorable things right now that are perfect for Valentine's Day, but these earrings won me over with the multi-colored hearts.  I love hoop earrings and these were so fun. I know I'll wear them a ton now and into spring/summer with the fun colors.  The picture doesn't really do it justice how cute these are! 

Last, but certainly not least this week is this little tray I have sitting on my kitchen island.  

Jen and I did a little shopping at Casabella last week and I just wanted something new for my island that would feel like spring! The shape of this wooden tray is so pretty and the tulips and touches of blue just scream spring to me.  It may only be a high of 36 tomorrow, but it's going to look like spring inside my house! 

That's it for Friday Favorites this week!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm.  

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