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Book Club: February 2022


Happy Book Club day friends! It makes sense to kick off Read Across America Day with a few book reviews right? 

February was a short month, but we managed to pack a lot in! Not just in reading, but in life in general. So we are looking forward to the slower pace of March, the warmer temps and a pile of steamier books. ;) 

But first, last month's reviews! 



Coming off of two big cheer competition weekends with my daughter it only seems fitting to share that my first book was Full Out by Monica Aldama.  

Unless you have been living under a rock, you've probably heard about the Netflix series, CHEER.  Monica Aldama is the coach of the team that is highlighted by the show. This book gives a behind the scenes peek into what her life is like, how she sweats the small stuff, how hard she works to win, and the life lessons along the way that relate to way more than cheerleading.  

I actually listened to this book before I watched the second season of the show so I felt like it gave me some good background.  If you are a cheer mom or a fan of the show, I think you'd enjoy this. I know I sure did! 

Next up for me was Court by Tracy Wolff. 

Court is the 4th book in the Crave series and I am so sad to say that this book was a big disappointment for me.  I LOVED the first two and the third one kept me really invested, so had been anticipating the release of this title for months. Sadly, it didn't live up to the others. I felt like the story dragged on, was repetitive, and just a too much fighting for me.  The first two books had an amazing love story that totally sold me and had me naming them in my top three of the year, but this one wasn't for me. 


I must have been inspired by the Winter Olympics, and a month full of love, because From Lukov With Love was one of the first books I snagged last month. Based on a pairs figure skating team, things turn from icy to spicy as the story unfolds. 

This enemies to lovers novel is filled with emotion and lovable, well developed characters. I enjoyed following along the story line to see the banter between Lukov and Jasmine, and their slow burn romance blossom. (And when I say slow burn, I mean sloooooooooww. There's a ton of build-up for 90% of the book!)

It was a fun read, and while parts are steamy, I enjoyed how there was more story to this romance. This is my first book by Zapata, but it won’t be my last!

For those of you who like your romance novels with a little more laughs, here’s an adorable rom-com option! Meet Me in the Margins was such a cute book with fun characters - it was tough to put down.

It’s more on the G-rated side of romance novels, filled with a cast of lovable characters (it’s tough to even dislike the ones you’re supposed to hate). Right from the get go you root for Savannah and her goals. The handsome boss, mystery penpal/editor/love interest and witty banter are just fun bonuses.

The Finlay Donovan series is just plain fun! I knew when this arrived on my doorstep that it would be the perfect book to pack for poolside reading on our Winter Break vacay.  Knocks ‘Em Dead follows up with our favorite romance novelist turned accidental hit-woman Finlay Donovan and her entourage of quirky characters. This time they are investigating a mystery “hit” put out on her ex husband. The love triangle established in the first book gets a little more tricky, and I can decide which “team” I’m on because I want her to keep both.  There are twists and turns springing up from each page, and just as many laughs. This light hearted mystery series is one that is now on my auto-buy list. There's hints to a third book and I can't wait! 

I picked up this book because of the fun cover and thought it would make for the perfect beach read. It totally was, but surprised me too! Love Lists and Fancy Ships is filled with much more emotion than I expected. (I should have read the back cover!) The story covers tragedy, family drama, romance, grief and heartbreak all in one beautifully written novel! It also made me laugh a ton and I fell in love with each and every character. 

The story follows Jo, who is a stewardess on a luxury yacht. Right away you realize Jo is experiencing heartbreak and grief, but you don't learn what happens until the story unfolds. With her best friend/yachtie side kick, and a pair of unplanned summer guests, Jo decides to try to overcome her grief by completing a "30 by 30 list" she created before the tragedy occurred. 

I would say this is another G-rated, slow romance book, but remember romance isn't the only topic of this story. At the end there’s a teaser chapter for the next book, and I already can’t wait to read more about one of my favorite characters from this book!

Brunch and Other Obligations is the one book this month that took me by surprise by how much I enjoyed it. It follows three women who are mourning the death of their best friend. Other than with their best friend, they've never really interacted with one another. But life has other plans for them and each month they are required to meet for breakfast for one year. 

Missing the "glue" to their group, the women thought there was no way they would become friends on their own. Each has a completely different lifestyle and way they approach life. But as the year unfolds, and their grief comes to surface, they realize they might need each other more than ever. 

It was a beautiful story and the power of friendship.  There is tons of humor mixed in, and a cast of characters that at first are a little dislikable, but as the book unfolds you can't help but fall in love with. 



Next up for me is Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult. 

Jen told me about this book just after she had just started it back in December and let me know how much she enjoyed it. Generally, if she really enjoys a book I know that I will, too. The plot of this title centers around Covid, so not quite sure how I will feel about that, but I'm excited to get started on this.  


Okay I have a confession, I've already started listening to this one and love it. is nice enough each month to give us a sneak peek at upcoming releases. When I saw Dolly Parton was writing a book, I jumped at the chance to read it. So far the audio book for Run Rose Run is amazing! It's narrated by a lot of country music stars, including Dolly herself. It comes out next week, but put it on your radar now! 



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  1. I see so many on here that I've never even heard of; I must have pinned at least 4 of these. I just finished up Along the Broken Bay (a historical fiction novel of an American expat living in the Philippians when war breaks out). I'm currently listening to Drew Barrymore's Wildflower and loving her quirky and expressive narration.


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