Friday, April 14, 2023

Fashion Fix: Love Shack Fancy @ T.J.Maxx

If you have teenage girls there is a good chance that they are brand obsessed like mine. While I'm happy to wear a dupe, even excited when I find a good look-a-like, they are all about the label.  However, I'm not one to just dish out money and spend endlessly so they are either saving and buying themselves or it's a special gift.  There are some items I would just NEVER pay full price for BUT I love when I find a good deal and have to share it with you all, too! 

Right before Spring Break my daughter texted me saying that her friend found lots of Love Shack Fancy things at TJ Maxx and asked if I could run by there. I couldn't believe how much my local store had!  Now granted, it was still not cheap, but it was a major savings compared to paying full price so I grabbed a few items to bring home for them to try on. We kept a few pieces and I returned the rest, but I was so excited about my finds!  I'm lucky because my girls wear the same size and I always feel better buying items I know they will both get to wear.  

We ended up with one dress (pictured on the right above) they will share and two tops that I put in their Easter Baskets!  How cute!!!  

Did you know that you can buy items online at T.J.Maxx?!?!?  I had no idea until recently and you can find some amazing things on their site...including some Love Shack Fancy pieces!!! I did a little roundup of some of my favorites and things I thought other teen girls might like including that adorable blue gingham top that I snagged in-store. Sizes are limited, but these are such a great deal if your daughter's sizes are in stock!

1. Floral Print Top - $79.99, compare at $120.

2. Blue Floral Midi Dress - $199, compare at $300 

3. Blue Gingham Top - $79.99, compare at $120

4. Peach Ruffle Mini Skirt - $69.99, compare at $105

5. White Ruffle Mini Skirt - $69.99, compare at $105

6. Floral Swim Suit - $79.99, compare at $120

7. Long Sleeve Floral Top - $99.99, compare at $150

8. White Crochet Mini Dress - $99.99, compare at $150

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