Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Costume Planning

I love Halloween.  It's one of those holidays that became so much more fun with kids.  I love seeing them all dressed up and how excited they get about trick-or-treating.  The planning process to pick out costumes is always one of my favorite parts!

Just like in their everyday wear, I love them to coordinate for Halloween, too.  I also like making their costumes when I can.  Here's a little look down memory lane of my kids dressed up.

The first year Little Mama could really get into Halloween she was a bumble bee and loved every second of dressing up and trick-or-treating.

The next year Blondie was with us so it was my first year plan coordinating costumes...a chicken and a farmer.  Blondie's chicken costume is to date my favorite costume with all of the feathers!

I reused the bumble bee costume the following year for Blondie and made a sunflower costume for Little Mama.  That sunflower tutu dress is a close second to my favorite that I made.  

Next up I went store-bought.  Boo-Boo was only a few months old and I just didn't have the time or energy to make costumes this year.  They still coordinated though!  They were all storybook characters...Goldilocks, Baby Bear, and Little Red Riding Hood. 

This combination was my favorite "theme" so far.  They were Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!

And then we have last year.  We were just a mess.  A total mess.  We had recently moved out of our house and in with my in-laws while we built our house.  We had started construction on our new house, were driving crazy amounts of time to get the kids back and forth to school and I felt like we were living like nomads.  I could barely hold it together.  

This picture cracks me up because we decided to trick-or-treat in our new neighborhood so we could get to know some of the other neighbors and kids.  We had a shell of an old house there, a construction site for a backdrop, and a styrofoam cooler to put our candy and pumpkin on.  I can look back and laugh about it now, but I can't even begin to tell y'all how happy I am to have that year behind us.   The kids looked adorable though as a football player, Pocahontas, and Lady Bug Girl.  :-) 

This year we decided to go back to themed coordinating costumes.  I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and found some really cute and original ideas!

This was one of my favorites.  Throw in the tooth fairy and I would have a complete trio!  

 This s'mores idea was fun for a whole family to do! 

I thought M&M's would be cute and really easy to make.  

 And I knew that a family of superheros would be fun with so many different ones to choose from.  

I really wanted them to be Elsa, Ana, and Olaf from Frozen.  I know it is super popular this year, but I that didn't bother me.  The girls were totally up for it, but Boo-Boo was definitely the most opinionated and did not like that idea.  Plus, all of those costume catalogs that showed up in our mailbox didn't help my case.  It's fine though because they all agreed on something else that I think will be really cute.  I just finished up their costumes over the weekend, so I will be sharing all about that on Thursday!

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