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Book Club: June

Hi Everyone!
June is here!!! Oh my, so glad we are full on in summer now! Today is book club day and we are so excited to talk about May's selection, Nobody's Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle. We know we kicked off our book club this year with Shankle's book The Antelope in the Living Room, but the latest release celebrating best friends and life long friendships how could we resist? We hope you enjoyed the selection, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts. As promised we will share our reviews of the book and then discuss below with you in the comments.

Carrie Beth's Review:
I just love Melanie Shankle and have adored all of her books. Seriously, I started with Sparkly Green Earrings (her book about motherhood) and I always wonder how the next will compare, but it never disappoints.  Her style of writing is very conversational, which I find super easy and quick to read.  On top of that, she is so relatable!

Reading about her journey through friendships during her life was entertaining and so eye opening. It had me reflecting on my own friendships as I grew up and I have been lucky enough to have some amazing girlfriends in my life.  My oldest daughter is to the age now where friends are SO important to her and I see her forming sweet friendships that are meaningful and that truly believe will last for years to come. As a mother, that makes me so very happy.

Jen and I have been best friends for quite some time now and I don't know what I would do without her!  One of my favorite quotes from the book was, "Because there are some things that your best friend just understands in a way your husband never will."  Truer words have never been spoken!

If you haven't had a chance to read this book (or any of her other ones) do it! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Jen's Review:
I loved this book! Melanie Shankle doesn't disappoint, and I love her humor! Like Melanie, I have had several close friendships throughout my life that have come and gone. Each friend I think of fondly, and realized that God placed them in my life at certain times to learn from and when needed gain support. As an adult (gah, I can't believe I am using that term...I sound so OLD!), I have cherished my close girl friends and the time we spend together. I agree with Melanie that you need to find your people that you can just "be you" around. I couldn't imagine my life without my best friend and my go to girls. I have my amazing husband and my wonderful children, but they are who help me each and everyday with the little moments. Whether picking out our favorite outfits, or helping me navigate this crazy thing called motherhood, or dance partying in my basement, they are my people.

I loved how she took us through her friendship journey, and was openly candid about her friendships. I think it is so sweet that she shares her love for her best friend throughout the book. Hearing their stories of growing up, celebrating life moments and tragedies together, and how they are rallying in celebration around their friend Jen while she fights cancer brought a smile to my face. I continuously shook my head through the portion she wrote about during she and Gulley's toddler survival moments, and might have laughed out load with her 80's references. I also related to her conclusion when she shared she and Gulley's special phrases. It's funny because Carrie Beth and I have a few that have accumulated over the years and I never thought about it before, but some of them people might hear and go, "Huh?". It's such a fun part of life to have "that person".

I would definitely recommend reading this book with your girlfriends, and celebrate each other over a glass of wine.

Now to Discuss: Did you enjoy the book?  What did you think about Melanie and Gulley's friendship? Do you have a "Gulley"? What are some of your favorite memories with your girlfriends over the years? 

Just a reminder that this month we are changing things up a bit. If you missed our previous post about joining our June book club and co-hosts, click HERE.

Join us today as we continue our Facebook online chat featuring "Part 2: Discover".

The remaining schedule is:
6/8 - Maximize
6/15 - Live Well
7/1 - As usual our final thoughts and the announcement of our next book club selection.

June's Selection: The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner

From the Back Cover: 

For the woman who is doing everything for everyone--except herself

Ever get to the end of the day and realize you did nothing for you? In this practical and liberating book, Jessica N. Turner empowers you to take back the fringe hours--those little pockets of time you already have in your day--in order to make time for your passions and practice self-care. Based on original research, The Fringe Hours helps you overcome common hurdles that prevent women from taking time for themselves regularly. You'll also discover tips for maximizing the time you have and discover how living this lifestyle makes you a better wife, mother, and friend.

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Happy Reading!

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