Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Montego Bay, Jamaica {Part 1}

Jamaica Mon! Sorry...still thinking island life. :) A few weeks ago, we left for our annual family vacation. Each year we try to take a few big with kids and one without. This year's trip we planned with some of our best friends and headed to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Some friends in our group had been and loved it. After hearing some of the details we determined this is just what we were looking for in a relaxing family vacation. 

Our friends from out of town drove in late Friday with their little one, and bright and early Saturday morning we made our way to the airport. All three children were great sports and seemed so excited about everything the airport has to offer. 

Cute was so excited to get he and his "Ellie" a ticket of their very own from the check in agent. Ellie kept track of his ticket the entire trip. 

Because of our early arrival we didn't have time for breakfast. We planned for this and decided to eat in the airport. Mr. Cute shocked me when he came back with The Varsity as the breakfast of choice. Apparently the offerings in the International terminal lacked breakfast options. 

"What'll ya have?" Apparently, burgers and fries at 9:30a.m. :) 

This was Little Cute's first flight and I was slightly nervous. Sitting still is not her forte, and with all the things to see and do and touch, I had a feeling we were in for an entertaining flight. She was mesmerized by all things airport though and refused to move from her position by the window until it was time for boarding. 

There was no turning back now... here we go!

The kids actually did excellent on the three hour flight. I brought lots to entertain them and followed Carrie Beth's road trip tips and applied some of them to flying. There wasn't an unhappy peep out of either one of them, and I am very thankful for the invention of the headphone. 

About two hours and forty minutes into the flight Little Cute decided to finally take a nap. Just about that same time we were coming into Jamaican waters. 

We landed in Jamaica right around lunchtime. The Hilton Hotel that we made arrangements for was only about a 15 minute cab ride from the airport and after enjoying a quick lunch we hit the ground running and headed to the pool. 

I will share the ins and outs of our trip over the next couple of days, but the views and the atmosphere was nothing short of spectacular!

Where are your travels taking you this summer? 

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