Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fashion Fix: Getting Cozy with Belabumbum

Being uncomfortable during pregnancy and for those first few months postpartum is definitely a big challenge. As a new mom I remember being slightly uncomfortable the during my first pregnancy and at the very end sleep was intermittent, my attire consisted of my husbands t-shirts and sweatpants, and working out was a distant thought. 

Fast forward to my second pregnancy with Little Cute and not much changed except for she was ten fold the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life. Style was the last thing on my mind with her, as I was more in survival mode for both my sanity and my ribcage. 

I typically try to be pretty fashionable and often try to be put together when going out in public, but during pregnancy I can't get out of the frumpy state of mind. This time around I have definitely taken a more active approach to dressing my bump. I have a lot more activities that I have to attend and rolling up in an oversized tee and sweatpants with my husbands high school logo on it isn't always appropriate (side bar: Let's discuss that later. Why does my husband still have things from high school??? High school was a long long time ago.). 

Our good friends at Savvy Sassy Moms introduced me to this wonderful and super comfortable brand of maternity and nursing wear called Belabumbum

{Active wear shown: Cami and Capri}
Oh my, life changing! By far the most comfortable maternity activewear and loungewear I have ever worn. Not to mention super cute to boot!

{Loungewear shown: PJ Pant Set}

I am sharing my review and all the fun details over at Savvy Sassy Moms. Make the hop HERE to learn more about the fabulousness that is Belabumbum. Bonus...it's not just for pregnant and nursing moms! :) 

How did you find your comfort during pregnancy? 

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