Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Getting Juiced About Bundle Organics

I remember when I was pregnant with Cute. I felt like that 40 weeks dragged and I could not wait to meet our sweet little guy. The weeks would drag on and I would happily document each week with a belly pic and an entry in the journal Carrie Beth purchased as a gift for me.

Fast forward a few years, and add another child into the mix, and this third time around feels like it is flying by. And by flying I mean at warp speed! I blinked and realized I am already over halfway through this pregnancy. When did that happen?!?

Due to our situation, I have a ton of ultrasounds throughout my pregnancies. At my last appointment, I couldn't believe as we were going through the normal ultrasound routine that 3.0 all the sudden looked like a baby. A real non-alien looking baby with solid features. And not just a baby, but one of my babies! I instantly recognized that she looked just like her older brother and sister. So crazy!!

Realizing how much of a blur this pregnancy has been has made me realize just how fast paced life has been lately. We've had a lot going on and I often feel like we are being pulled in a million directions everyday. We've joked about this before but often I do often feel like we rush from one activity to the next, we live in the car, and sadly a ton of our meals (at least mine), come in some sort of package.

I try to be as healthy as possible and during pregnancy I try to up my game a bit knowing it's not just about me anymore. Sure I will grab the occasional donut (or two) for breakfast, but for the most part I try to be cognizant of what I consume.

I tend to drink my calories, especially in the morning. Smoothies and juices are my go to quick meals for breakfast and lunch. They are quick, easy, and I tend to leisurely sip on them throughout the morning while running from place to place. I was so excited when I found the Bundle Organics Prenatal Juices.

Not only did I find an organic juice that was yummy and not too "green" tasting, the Bundle Organics juices are specifically for pregnant and new moms (or really due to the vitamin content - any woman looking to up their intake). With additional folic acid, calcium, Vitamin D, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids added into my daily diet I can ensure that both baby and I are getting the nutrients we need even when I am rushing in between my daily tasks.

I have been instructed to take a crazy amount of folic acid each day. I take two different varieties and it usually adds up to a lot of pills each day. It is nice that instead of swallowing some yucky pill I know I can get at least an extra 200mcg when I drink one of the Bundle Organics juices. I don't know about you but delicious juice over a pill sounds better any day.

The Bundle Organics juices come in three flavors: Kale Lemon Ginger, Orange Carrot Berry Ginger, and Dark Berry & Veggies. I have taste tested all three flavors and each is unique and tasty in its own way, but I have a clear favorite. The Orange Carrot Berry Ginger has won my taste buds over. I tend to like more citrus flavored drinks and this one is delicious. The added ginger is also nice, and I wish I had heard of these during the first trimester when I needed the ginger to settle my stomach all day long.

It hasn't been long since I had my last baby, but it is amazing that just like life itself has been flowing at warp speed, so has the research and availability of baby products. So many more fun and unique items have become available since Little Cute's birth and with 3.0 on the way I love getting the chance to find these new things that make being a mom just a little bit easier. Bundle Organics juices have definitely been a fun (and tasty!) surprise that has given my day a little boost. I can't wait to see what else the next few months hold.

And maybe not as fast. Mommy would really really like time to slow down just a bit before I blink and 3.0 is five!

To learn more about Bundle Organics Prenatal Juices:

Do you have a favorite prenatal care product? Or what prenatal care items have you found to make your life just a little bit easier? 

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***I received these products as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scout Group.  All opinions are my own.***

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