Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cute Turns FIVE!

I can't believe my tiny little Cute is now five! I've been able to ease into this birthday over the last few weeks since we've spread out the celebrations, but on Monday it became official - I am the mom of a five year old.

I feel like his entry into the world happened just yesterday, and it is looking like he will be my tiniest baby, coming in at just over five pounds (Seriously, he was so small!!!), but life since then has moved at warp speed, and I am continuously amazed at what an amazing little human being my son is turning into. Sorry just over 38 weeks pregnant, I am allowed to sound a little emotional right???

With baby 3.0's arrival kind of up in the air, we thought it best to celebrate his birthday a little earlier than normal, so we planned a small birthday party for him a few weeks ago.  He chose the theme of robots and we allowed him to choose ten friends to invite to a local trampoline park.

The party location was perfect because I didn't have to do anything. From food to entertainment to cake they took care of it all. It was the perfect scenario for our situation, and even though I felt a little guilty over not doing anything for the party, it was also quite liberating to just sit back and enjoy for once.

Once I saw that I wasn't going to go into labor, or have to go to the hospital, I decided to at least take charge of the goody bags. We did a fun little robot theme for them, with lots of yummy treats/snacks and voila - done!

It was tons of fun watching Cute and all of his friends bounce together, play dodge ball, and just enjoy being five.

Little Cute was just as excited it was his birthday as he was, and did not slow down one bit. That broken arm thing didn't even phase her as she bounced and climbed her way over the whole hour and a half we were there.

Fast forward to Cute's actual birthday on Monday and we decided to bring in five with a bang. We still had our normal routine to do, but we made sure to make the day feel special along the way. Cute wanted to bring a treat to school in the form of Ninja Turtles. So we coordinated with his teacher and did a little mini birthday celebration and extra playground time for his birthday.

After school, we did a quick rest and then asked Cute where he wanted to have his birthday dinner. I swear L.C. did some sort of voodoo magic on him because he didn't hesitate for even an iota of a second before exclaiming, "Chuck E. Cheese!". Lord help me. 

We made our way to the Chuck, and I said a little prayer to little baby Jesus asking that my water did not break in the overstimulating mouse decorated arcade my children are in love with. Trust me when I said the fear was real.

Thankfully, we survived, and baby stayed in place.  Seeing as Monday evenings are apparently quite slow for Chuck E. it was actually quite enjoyable, and we had the whole place to ourselves at one point. The kids were in heaven and Cute was so excited to play "every single game in the whole wide world".

(And yes, I look that swollen and that tired in real life.)
I am so glad our fun little guy was able to have such a special birthday. In his mind he is already planning another party next week, but I have a feeling we will be having a whole different kind of birthday party here next week. ;)

- He LOVES to be a helper. He will do just about any job you give him, and has learned to love chores. Future wife, you can thank me later. 

- He is a social butterfly and thinks everyone is his friend. And should be invited to our house. To spend the night. Occasionally this is awkward. Like for example, when he asks the postman. Who politely declined the invite. 

- Has become a picky eater. Or really just a normal kid. Loves pizza, steak, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, and has a deep love for french fries. Ketchup is also apparently its own food group.

- Is a master negotiator. Everything is negotiable. Everything. 
He gets this from his father.

- Is total boy and loves all things super hero, Ninja Turtles, and Spiderman. Captain America supersedes all. 

- Is great at math and can already do some simple problems, but has no desire to learn anything that has to do with letters. For all the reasoning in the world, he doesn't understand why he can't just be known as "P". 

- Will have you read to him all day long. And when you aren't reading to him, he has a million questions to ask you. Love his curiosity. 

- Even though we've been potty trained a long time, we still cannot seem to master the whole "I need to flush and put the seat down" trick. I hear this is a boy thing, but sometimes I am not amused by the "surprises" I get left occasionally. 

- Is super sweet and gives probably a million kisses a day. Seriously, millions! I will never ever complain about that! Never ever! 

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P.S. If anyone is interested in the Robot party printables, let me know. It didn't seem like a popular theme when I was looking it up, but I would be happy to share what I created. Just leave us a message or a comment and I will be happy to add the links. :)

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