Thursday, January 14, 2016

Roomba Review

Happy Thursday, friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week. I don't know why, but this week seems to be dragging for me and I keep thinking it is a day ahead in the week only to realized it isn't.  Don't you hate with that happens?!?!  I'm happy tomorrow is Friday though and excited about a 3-day weekend!

Today I wanted to share about my very favorite Christmas present I received.  If you remember back in December I included a Roomba on my Women's gift guide post and I was really hoping that I would receive one.

I have been wanting on for probably about 8 years now.  When we had our first golden retriever right after we got married we learned all about the dog hair and the shedding of golden's, but it didn't really bother me that much.

We were newly married with no kids and she was like our kid so we put up with it.  Plus, I was able to clean when I needed to and vacuuming or sweeping up the dog hair wasn't a big deal.

Well a few years after that we had a baby and then that baby started crawling around on the floor and while she became obsessed with our sweet Sydney, I because obsessive about cleaning the dog hair.

I had a few friends that had Roombas and I really started pressing for one, but because of the cost I never got one.

When we got our current dog, Walker, we knew he would become an important member of our family.  That is why we got another golden because we just knew how sweet and loyal they were.  He is constantly at our sides and we love that about him.

But last year I quickly remembered all about the dog hair and how much I couldn't stand it on the floor.  I had no problem sweeping on a daily basis and vacuuming as much as possible, but that combined with the kids' messes and crumbs made me feel like I was going to go crazy.  SO, I put the Roomba back on my wish-list and hinted every chance I got to the Mr. that it was REALLY what I wanted for Christmas.

Now the Mr. had mentioned to some of our neighbors that he had gotten this for me for Christmas back in December and they gave him so much grief for it.  They couldn't believe he was giving me a vacuum for Christmas and thought for sure I would be upset.  He knew I would love it though.  (And for the record, a regular vacuum would not have been a fun present, but one that works by itself, well that qualifies as the best gift ever!)

I was so happy and surprised on Christmas morning when I opened it because we said we weren't exchanging big gifts.  I set it up that afternoon and have been singing it's praises ever since!  Just last week Little Mama made the comment, "Look how cool this are fixing us lunch and cleaning up in the kitchen and the Roomba is just cleaning at the same time." She got it!  That is exactly why I had wanted it.  It isn't because I'm lazy and I can't vacuum by myself.  It frees up so much of my time that I spent cleaning the crumbs and dog hair off the floor that I'm able to get other things done!

In case anyone is thinking about getting one I wanted to share my thoughts on how it has worked for us.
  • I have it on the first floor and run it everyday.  
  • You can set it up to run automatically and a scheduled time, but I just turn it on when I'm home and know I can pick up kids toys and stuff so it can really clean well.  
  • Speaking of kids toys, only once has it sucked something up, but I was able to empty the canister and get it out.  
  • One other time it sucked up a ribbon that was left on the floor.  It got tangled in the wheels, but it turned itself off and alerted me that something was wrong so I was quickly able to remove the ribbon and turn it back on.  
  • Because of the dog hair the canister fills up so sometimes I will stop the Roomba, empty the canister, and then set it on it's way again.  
  • Our dining room steps down and the first day we had it we were worried it would fall down that step as it was heading that direction, but y'all, this thing is so smart!  It got right to the edge and turned itself around.  
  • The sensors on it are amazing.  It will go around legs of tables and furniture to get every possible place it can. 
  • Our first floor is a combination of hardwoods, rugs and carpet and it transitions over each of those surfaces with no problem.  
  • At first it looks like it is just moving around in a random matter and doing "X's" all of the floor, but somehow it gets it all. 
  • It won't always finish one room before going to another area, but then will end up back in the room it was in.  Because of our open floor plan it kind of goes all over the place, which is fine with me! 
  • It comes with a sensor you can put up if you want to block off certain rooms or keep it from going into a certain area, but I want everything cleaned so I haven't used that.  
  • When it is done cleaning it goes back to the docking/charging station.  
  • It will not clean my entire first floor before it needs to be docked to recharge, but we have a lot of area for it to cover so I just turn it back on once it has charged, if needed. 
  • Maintenance on it is easy.  About once a week you have to clean the brushes, but it doesn't take long at all.  

If you can't tell, I'm seriously in love with this thing. I want another one for upstairs, but for now I'll just have to keep vacuuming the 2nd floor myself.  

We have the Roomba 655 Pet Series, but there are a range of available options.  See them all HERE.  I know these are pricy and that is why I had to wait so long to get one, but I'm just here to share that if you are thinking about it and wondering if it is really worth the me, IT IS!!!!  

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  2. Thanks so much for your review! We have a Golden,(we love the breed!!!) and I was wondering if the Roomba could deal with her hair.

    1. Hi Sue! We both own the Roomba. One of us has a Golden and one a yellow lab and it is amazing with the pet hair. We run it every morning to help stay on top of the hair. Every once and while you have to clean out the brushes, but the Roomba gives you tools to make that super easy (like under ten seconds easy!).


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