Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites: End of School Year Edition

YES!!! We have officially called a wrap on the 2015/2016 school year! And this is how we feel about it...

Well that's how mommy feels about it. My kids love school, but summer means swimming, going to the beach, water balloons, and playing with their friends all day everyday - so they are are excited too.

Bye-bye alarm clock - see you in August!

Now to end the week with some of our favorites lately. Linking up as usual with some of our favorite bloggers today, and hold on because I've had a lot of favorites this week!

Cute graduated from pre-K! Oh my, wasn't he just born yesterday?? I've been ignoring the fact that he has gotten so big, but it hit me this week. We were able to participate in his end of the year party, where he and his friends played games, built legos, and generally ran around like the crazy boys that they are. Following the party we were able to watch a little graduation ceremony. I can't believe my sweet baby boy will be in kindergarten next year! 

While it makes me sad to see how fast he is growing up, it definitely was one of my favorite moments this week. 

Normally at the end of the year I make fun little themed gift baskets for the teachers, complete with a well coordinated printable. Well this year mama didn't have time for that!  I did find these super adorable stainless steel water bottles, and attached a gift card. 

Seriously, how cute are these???
If I didn't live in the land of five million cups, and continuously have to battle my husband's Yeti obsession I totally would have grabbed one of these for myself. They had a ton of fun colors and patterns for summer. 

Like the end of most school years, things have been crazy these last few weeks. Even though everything is fun, it is exhausting! It's been hard to sneak in even a few minutes of "me time" in anywhere to rejuvenate, but this week I made a conscience effort to do a little something here and there - even if it is just for a few minutes. I realize my sanity depends on it, and there is only so much wine drinking that is acceptable.

One of my favorite new finds is this Barre3 app. We've professed our love for barre classes before, but sometimes it's hard for me to work a class into my schedule. The app has some fabulous mini workouts, and most can be done in just minutes.

 I love the kitchen ones!

Last week, Mr. Cute decided our house needed a technology upgrade. With that we switch cable providers, and I am absolutely clueless as to what any channels are, and long gone are some of my recorded shows. Everything is complicated and voice activated and completely overwhelming right now - not that I have much time to sit and actually watch TV. However, this little technology bump ended up causing one of my favorite moments this week.

Late the other night, I decided to sneak in a quick walk on the treadmill. Once I finally figured out how to turn on the TV, the first thing that popped up was one of my all time favorite movies - Sweet Home Alabama! I was able to catch the last 20 minutes of it, and I completely forgot how much I love that movie!

Fun fact: Part of the movie was filmed at the college I graduated from during my Freshman year. The white mansion throughout the movie was on our campus, and several students were even able to be extras during filming.

Second fun fact: It's also where Remember the Titans was filmed. 

Monday was particularly a crazy day. Normally this is my grocery shopping day, but last minute I had to take Baby Cute to the doctors and it took up a good portion of our free time. On our way home from our excursion, I was all prepared to order some pizza delivery when I pulled into the driveway and saw this...

(Hi Max! We see you!)
I thought I had paused our HelloFresh box for the week, knowing how crazy it would be, but I have never been so glad to be scatter brained in my life.

(Sausage Bolognese - with hidden veggies! The kids were clueless.)
Such a lifesaver, and so yummy! 
I was totally able to put off my pizza delivery ordering until Wednesday. ;)

Our weather has been finicky here lately, but that hasn't stopped me from breaking out all the summer gear. For Mother's Day, Mr. Cute and the kids gave me these adorable flip flops

| Bag | Nail Polish | Earrings (similar) | Watch | Shorts | Scarf (similar) |
They were so excited because they were pink (my favorite color), but I'm so excited because they are SO comfortable! They feel and wear very similar to Rainbow flip flops. I usually wear a 6.5 and my husband grabbed these in a 7 and they are perfect! They also come in a ton of fun colors. Definitely my new favorite!

Ok, now to officially kick off our summer with a fun weekend ahead!

And we have some HUGE things for you next week to celebrate with us.
Seriously - HUGE!!!

We are so excited! Until then - Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Oh, I'm so jealous you are starting summer already! We have 11 more days, and yes, I am TOTALLY counting down! And I love Sweet Home Alabama too! Such a cute show!


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