Monday, May 16, 2016

Newborn Skincare with Baby Pibu

Happy Monday sweet friends!
We are beyond excited about this week because this week is our last week of school before summer break - WAHOO! This week is filled with tons of fun and then time can slow way down. I absolutely love the lazy fun filled days of summer.

Time also needs to slow down because I can hardly believe this little cutie is three and half months old. She is trending just like her siblings and is an easy, happy, predictable baby - which means I've got a good year before that sweetness wears off and the sassiness kicks in! She smiles at anything and everything these days, I could just eat her with a spoon when I see those sweet dimples appear. 

Her absolute favorite thing is getting a bath. She could be screaming her head off, but the moment she hears the water turn on, she instantly squeals and starts kicking her legs. It is the cutest thing ever! She is a water baby through and through. 

Of my three though, she has the most sensitive skin ever! She has eczema flair ups, which I never had issues with the first two, and super dry skin. I've tried a few different things to combat it, but unfortunately all the sudden we will wake up one day and her face and neck are so red. 

There's nothing sadder than seeing that sweet soft baby skin look so uncomfortable. Like any parent I want her to feel her best, and making sure I am taking the best care of her possible. 

I've tested quite a few products, but I have grown to love this organic newborn skincare line - Baby Pibu. Bonus - it is a local company as well! 

I am sharing all my thoughts and love for Baby Pibu over on Savvy Sassy Moms today. Make the hop

Did, or does, your little one suffer from eczema? Would love to hear what tips or tricks you have to combat it!

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  1. My boys had eczema bad when babies. Even a bath would flair it up.

  2. Hi! Perfect timing of this post because I've been looking for organic skin cream for my little one. She's a sassy three year old but baths are still her fave and I haven't loved any of the cream options we've tried.

  3. Please be careful with the pibu rash relief, as it contains steroids and the FDA do not approve of use of hydrocortisone in children under 2 as it can cause HPA axis suppression, growth retardation, stretch marks and other health problems. No idea why a company would include a medical product like this in a kit marketed for newborns. Please get a doctors advice before using hydrocortisone.


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