Tuesday, April 11, 2017

8 GREAT Birthday Gift Ideas For 8 Year Olds

Yesterday I shared Blondie's Minute-To-Win-It birthday party and today the birthday fun continues.  8 is GREAT so I wanted to share 8 great gift ideas for girls in this age range.  It can kind of be a tricky age.  They are usually too old for toys, but too young for some stuff, so finding something in-between to get them excited about isn't always easy. However, here are eight ideas that are a hit with the girls I know!

1. Bead/Bracelet set - Girls this age love making jewelry and beading kits are perfect because it contains everything they need all in one box.  We have recently loved this Emoji Bracelet Kit.  It makes 5 bracelets so they can make some with friends or sisters.

2. Books - You can't go wrong with fun books and and for my sweet Blondie this Curlee Girlee book by Atara Twersky was the prefect choice.

Blondie was born with super curly hair and over the years it has gotten blonder and longer making it much more difficult to manage. I should have bought stock in the Johnson's detangling spray because we go through that stuff like crazy.  Every morning is quite the ordeal to brush out her crazy bed-head and there have been a time or two that she has longed for nice straight hair. However, the older she gets the more she appreciates that her hair makes her who she is and this book is the perfect read for her!  It helps teach young girls to embrace and love who they are...in my girl's case...curly hair and all!

3. Shoes - For girls, like mine, that love clothing, shoes and accessories, new shoes are always a big hit.  This time of year cute flip-flops are super easy to buy as gifts.  Since Blondie has lots of hand-me-down things from her older sister I decided to get her something that was specifically just for her. She is our soccer girl so Boo-Boo actually picked her out a pair of soccer slides in her favorite color to give her.

4. Usborne Sticker Books - She received one of these from a friend has has had the best time with it.  This is a gift that would be good for younger ages all the way up to 10 year olds, in my opinion.  She got one of the dolly sticker books were you pick outfits and accessories for the girls in different settings (skiing, the beach, etc.), but there are tons of different sticker books available.

There are cute ones for boys, too that I am going to order for my son like sports, robots, and cars.  See all of their sticker books HERE.

5. Beach towels/goggles/shades - Just in time for Spring Break and Summer is right around the corner, fun beach towels, new goggles or fun sunnies are always appreciated in my house.  We spend a lot of time at the pool and lake in the summer so these items always get put to good use.

6. Headbands/Accessories - Fun headband and accessories always make a great gift.  She loves the non-slip headbands and wears them almost daily.  They come in a million different colors and designs so there are always new ones to be had!  She wears them for school, for soccer, or just when we are around the house even.  These Sweaty Bands are our favorite.

7. Fitbit - The one thing that she really wanted for her birthday was a Fitbit. I was a little worried that she might be too young for this, but several of her friends at school have them and she was really hoping to get one for her birthday.  She has LOVED it!  She got the older model of the Fitbit Charge.

I do not have a Fitbit, so I wasn't sure exactly how everything worked, but we figured it out together. I found setting up the app on her iPod was a little tricky because you have to be 13 years old to have an account, but I just changed her birthdate to get it set up and really there is nothing she needs to do on there anyway. I just needed the account to get it set up initially.  She loves tracking her steps, seeing how active she is each day, and I think it would be a great gift for any kid her age or older. What better way to encourage kids to get up, get moving, and be active than with some fun technology!

8. Gift Cards - When in doubt, gift cards are always a great gift.  Most kids this age love going to pick things out at their favorite stores.  Target is always great one, but also other places you might not think of like Starbucks, the movies, a favorite ice cream shop, or even iTunes gift cards are a hit!

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