Monday, April 10, 2017

Minute-To-Win-It Birthday Party

Mondays are always hard, especially Mondays after Spring Break. However, today is a very special Monday because my Blondie turns 8 today.  She's been looking forward to this birthday for months and since a lot of her friends are already 8 she couldn't wait to celebrate her big day and reach the 8 is great milestone herself.  

We celebrated her birthday with her friends a week ago with a Minute-To-Win-It birthday party.  She didn't really like any of the other suggestions I came up with for a party, but this party ended up being a blast!  All of the kids had tons of fun and it was an easy, at-home party.  

I set up the food and snacks inside, and we played all of the games outdoors.  They kids ate snacks as we waited for everyone to arrive.

As soon as snacks were finished and everyone had arrived we made our way outside to begin the games.  I had 5 games planned, plus Giant Jenga, as a filler and it was the perfect amount of time spent on games.  

Clip The Clothes Pins
For this game I got 100 clothes pins and divided them into two different buckets.  The kids were divided into teams and had to pick one person to be the captain.  They had to race and see which team could clip all the clothes pins on their team captain first.  

They loved it so much that we played several times letting different people have a turn to get clipped!

This game also must be played backwards.  After all of them are clipped on they have to race to see which team can get them off and back into their bucket the fastest. 

Move The Candy
For this game each kid got two cupcake liners on a plate, a straw, and some sort of candy. We used Sixlets that matched the party colors.  All of the candy is put in one cupcake liner and then they have to use a straw to suck it up and move it to the other cupcake liner. The person who moved the most in one minute was the winner. 

Junk In The Trunk
This game was a hoot to watch.  I took empty tissue boxes and cut slits on the bottom on each side so I could slide a ribbon through it and tie it around the kids' waists.  They each got 7 plastic golf balls (or you can use ping pong balls) put in the tissue box.  They had to shake, wiggle and maneuver to see who could get the balls out the quickest.  Then they had to pick them up, put them back in and pass the box to the next person in line.  

Stack The Cups
Each child got 15 cups and had to make a tower (starting with 5 on the bottom) then stack them all back together using only ONE hand.  They worked with a partner so each partner had to complete the  task to be the winner.  

Elephant Trunk 
This was another favorite by the kids.  I took a pair of tights for each child and put a tennis ball down in one foot. The kids had to put the waist band of the tights on their head and use the end with a ball in it like an elephant trunk.  There were six water bottles set up for each kid and they had to see who could knock them down the fastest with their "elephant trunk." 

After the games we made our way inside for dessert. Instead of cupcakes she wanted an ice cream bar and it was the perfect way to top off a great party. We had several different types of ice cream and tons of toppings to choose from!

We stuck a candle right in the ice cream and everyone sang happy birthday!  It was such a fun, sweet way to celebrate my Blondie!

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