Monday, September 25, 2017

15 Uses for Command Hooks Around the House

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was telling me she needed a solution for her daughter's necklaces that kept getting tangled.  I used to have the very same problem until I came up with a way to keep them organized. I shared my command hook tip with her she texted me a few days later thanking me for sharing and saying it was working out perfectly.  That got me thinking because I use command hooks for SO many things around my house.  This post is not sponsored in anyway.  I just really do love these handy little things, keep extras at my house at all times, and thought it would be fun to share all the ways I use them!  Also, this isn't one of those posts that is going to be pretty because I literally  just walked around my house and took pics with my cell phone, but I do hope it will be practical!

1. Since I mentioned it above, I figured I would share that first.  My girls' necklaces used to get all tangled in their jewelry boxes, so I started using small hooks in their closest for them to be able to hang up and really have easier access to their necklaces.

2.  Obviously Boo-Boo does not have the same need in his closet, but he does have SO many hats so I put them in his closet for him to hang is hats on.

3. Also in the girls' closets I have some hanging for them to keep their bags and purses organized.

4. In our downstairs coat closet I put large hooks on one side so the kids could easily grab and then hang up their coats during the fall/winter. It's much quicker than trying to get them on an actual hanger and keeps them from being on the ground.

5. On the other side of that hall closet I have hooks for some of their sports bags.

6. Outside the door leading to the garage I have a hook where we hang our dog's leash.

7. The playroom has lots of hooks.  One for hanging bags and another for aprons the kids use in the kitchen.

8. I use large clear ones outside on doors for my wreaths and other decor that I hang.

9. I use outdoor hooks for hanging garland at Christmas time.

10. I recently discovered these large waterproof hooks that are perfect in the shower.  They hold the shower caddies down low enough so the kids' stuff is within easy reach. 

11. I have them hanging on the kids bathroom walls because we didn't want to mount towel racks down low (knowing the kids would be growing taller and eventually need them at a normal height), but I can't stand wet towels on the floor.  This was a good temporary solution so the kids could hang their own towels without needing my help and without us needing to move towel racks down the road. 

12. Our reward jars are mounted on a window in the kitchen that is easily accessible and a large, heavy duty hook has been holding them for 3 years now!

13. In my pantry I have my aprons hanging on a hook. 

14. I also use them to hang wreaths inside my house. I didn't want to ruin my cabinets, but knowing this will come right off when I'm ready for it to, I don't have to worry.

15. I use tiny clear hooks on the brick mantle to hang our Christmas stockings and then will leave them up all year because they aren't visible and then be able to use them for other holiday decor.

So there you go!  I probably have a bunch of other random ones around my house, but those are the ones that popped into my head.  How do you use them?  Any fun organizational tips you could share!?

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