Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites: All About Food Edition

Happy Friday sweet friends! Short weeks always feel a little chaotic - but amazing! - because, well, they're short! And I'm not complaining one bit! I'm excited we are back to the weekend already, and we have a weekend jam packed full of fun. 

Part of that includes seeing this girl...

I can't wait! :) 

The rest is filled with soccer kick off, football, a little boating, and a whole lot of sleeping in. I LOVE THE WEEKEND!
Today we are closing out our week with a jam packed post. We are linking up for Friday Favorites with some of our favorite fellow lady bloggers, and I have some yummy ones this week! 

I am so excited to share this girl today...

How cute is she?!? 

This is my girlfriend Brittany, and I am so excited/proud of her! She made the leap this week into the blogging world and kicked off her food based website The Anchored Kitchen. It is stunning!

(And makes me all sorts of hungry!!!)

Our husbands were high school BFFs, college roommates, and now we both have children that ended up being only a few weeks apart from each other. To say I big puffy heart Brittany and her sweet family is an understatement, I know you love her too. She makes great family friendly recipes, creates easy to follow weekly meal plans (um, hello?!) and to top it off is a fellow southern girl!

Pop over. Say hi. Bring us back some yummy dessert. 

More to come on this later, but this week I've been snacking on these yummy little treats

It's a healthy cookie.  

You're welcome. 

While we are on the subject of all things in the kitchen, one of my favorite purchases this week was this cutting board. 

It was actually Mr. Cute's big purchase of the week, but seeing as I do 90% of the cooking around here, I feel as though it was really mine. Gotta love marriage. 

A friend of his, Chance, makes these awesome custom cutting boards. Mr. Cute couldn't wait to bring it home when his was finally finished. I wasn't all sure what the excitement was over until I saw it in person. 

It's sturdy, smooth, and not to mention gorgeous! Watch out Williams-Sonoma you've got competition!

To check out Chance and snag a custom cutting board for yourself you can pop over to his Instagram or his Etsy shop. With holidays on the horizon they would make a great gift!

We received this little package of goodness and I can't wait to dive in. 

Fun mail is the best. Fun mail containing yummy food - even better. Fun mail containing yummy food that is for a good cause - the best!

This little package is from the Women's Bean Project, which supports women who have had challenging pasts by creating a place for them to learn and create products with a purpose.  Each purchase is made by a woman looking to stand tall, and find confidence in knowing they have a concrete path and support towards their future. 

I love products that support a bigger purpose, and these all look and sound excellent! Those are some talented women, and I hope the project continues to do well. 

And I have a feeling these brownies will be the first thing I dig into. Nothing says hurricane survival food like brownies. 

Well, maybe wine. But brownies are a really really close second. 

And since all this food eating business is being discussed (and consumed), I've been in the gym a lot more this week. And I've gotten quite a few stares while doing so, but I've brought this along...

Apparently reading and running at the same time is a comment worthy talent at the gym. I call it multi-tasking. But really though, I was so excited to dig into this book I mentioned in Book Club last week. It's all sorts of good, and I can't wait to hear you're thoughts on it if you've read it. If you haven't read it, do so so we can discuss!

Stay tuned...

School activities are now in full force, and I am so excited to see this little guy do his thing this weekend. 

We officially kick off soccer season on Saturday, and Cute has been pumped all week during practices. He can't wait to play an actual game again, and I can't wait to cheer him on. 

He has been thriving this school year, and I am so glad he seems to finally have found a rhythm that not only works for him, but he excels at. Love my sweet big boy!  

And since this post seems to be all about food, I'd be remiss if I didn't share the kids newest favorite snack. 

I'm not a huge meat stick fan, but my kids LOVE them. The kids always want something like this in the store and I usually tell them it's a pass. When I stumbled upon these Vermont Minis I was so excited. 

It's a healthy version of a traditional meat stick. They don't contain any added nitrates, hormones or sugars. They are packed with protein and not oversized. We are on the go so much this time of year, and I am always looking for snacks to pack that are healthy and easy, so I figured we would give it ago. 

The kids are in meat stick heaven (is that a thing?!). These have been their favorite go-to snack in the afternoons, and as a bonus mommy rocks (more than normal) because she finally said yes. It's a win win. 

I grabbed mine off Amazon, but I noticed that you can also get 20% off when you use the code SWAPTHESTICK on the Vermont Smoke & Cure website

And that wraps up my favorites this week. Stay safe everyone, and hopefully to all our southern friends this hurricane business is all a thing of the past soon!

Happy weekend friends!

(And now I'm off to eat...)

What are some of your favorites from this week? 


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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Magnolia Mama's! Love this Favorite Friday round up!


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