Monday, March 12, 2018

Destination Disney: Hollywood Studios

This week has been all about Disney! (Are you totally exhausted yet, too?) I'm wrapping it up today, but in case you missed the first parts of the trip you can read about them here...

Our last day had arrived and we were going to make the most of it! We knew we were headed to Hollywood Studios and after a late night and having learned from our past mistakes we took it easy straight out of the gate from the moment we woke up. The Cutes briefly mentioned the pool again, but then they decided they wanted to head towards the Cars section of our hotel to play for a bit. 

The love seeing the characters from one of their favorite movies in real life. 

We played in this area for about an hour and then we headed towards our destination for the day. The kids had never been to Hollywood Studios before, but from the moment we entered they were already  huge fans!

Their favorite Disney Channel characters and Star Wars...what's not to love? 

First up, we headed to the Frozen sing a long show. It was cute and definitely a big sing a long. Cute informed us he could have skipped this one, but the girls were riveted. 

Everyone's favorite part was when the "snow" started falling from the sky. #letitfoam

Next up we caught the Star Wars show. Cute was beyond excited! He was riveted the whole time and wanted to watch it again (it plays several times a day). 

We made our way after this to sign him up for the Jedi training. This is the only time we hit a parent fail the entire day. We should have signed him up right when we entered the park. We were placed on an alternative list because all the time slots for the day were filled. We checked in a couple of times to see if he ended up making it but after a few hours we gave up. I'm sure as the day goes on we would have finally gotten cleared, but it wasn't worth it for us (and for him) to keep waiting around. 

But we settled his disappointment with the Star Wars ride and the Indiana Jones show. Because nothing makes your mood go from bad to good quicker than seeing something blown up in real life. At least in the mind of a seven year old. He loved the Indiana Jones show. He kept asking if it was really a real fire. I should be nervous. 

It was super hot so I went to grab us some waters and came back with a Dreamsicle for myself. It might have been before 5 o'clock, but I couldn't pass up the Magnolia Mamas signature drink

After we were all refreshed we made our way to check out Olaf. Mommy was super excited Olaf had to stay inside in the air conditioning because of melting potential. That pool was sounding kind of nice at this point. 

We grabbed a quick bite of pizza and then we were off on a little Disney and Star Wars character tour. 

The kids wanted to see Chewbacca and by this time Baby Cute had fallen asleep in a post pizza haze so Mr. Cute took them in. The kids had a blast and Chewbacca would apparently only take a picture with Cute if he covered up his shirt. Chewy doesn't support the Dark Side. The kids thought this was hilarious. 

Next up we saw Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and then Doc McStuffins. 

And then L.C. was so excited because Princess Sophia was walking right by her and gave her a huge high five and hug! One fun thing about Hollywood Studios is the potential for the characters to be walking around. We noticed lots of the characters all over this part of the park. I loved that! I remember the excitement of being surprised by them as a child and wish that still happened at Disney as much as it used to. 

B.C. woke up and we let the kids each pick out a little souvenir. The girls went straight for the costumes. To this day B.C. still hasn't taken off the Princess Ariel costume. Unless it's to change into her Anna costume. The batgirl costume from Halloween might have officially been retired. 

At this point we realized we were "in it to win it" for our last day, and buckled down to stay the rest of the night. When dusk came we made our way to the Fantasmic show.

It was so good! I was so impressed with what they could do with the water! 

The kids loved the show and next to the Happily Ever After show it might have been the best we had seen all weekend. 

Once Fantasmic wrapped up we headed back to the main area to see the Star Wars show.

Now I have no clue about anything Star Wars related. Cute only knows what he has read some books, and none of us have seen any of the movies. With that being said it was a really good show! 

Parts of the movies were projected onto the buildings and then music and fireworks occurred all around. Everywhere you turned was a new scene.

It was definitely cool to see. And a great way to end the night! 

And that wrapped up our trip! We went back to hotel after the late night, passed right out, and then woke up the next morning and headed back to Atlanta. It was a whirlwind of a week, and I came home feeling like I needed a vacation after my vacation, but seeing the excitement from the kids and the memories we made with them made it worth it! 

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