Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  The week after a break always seems the hardest and I don't know about y'all, but we are flipping for Friday around here!

Today I have a random assortment favorites to share so we're linking up with some of our favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites! 

A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite beauty products and I have a couple more to add to that list! After reading some reviews and getting some suggestions from some of you I decided to try Tarte's Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Contour Concealer.  

When I was in Ulta picking it up I had at least 3 people who saw me looking at it stop and tell me how much they love it. I'm tell you you this stuff has a cult following and for a good reason. There are over 7,000 reviews on Ulta's site. It is probably the best concealer I have ever used!  
Goodbye dark circles under my eyes. I mean I really can't say how much I love it. It is hard to describe, but it goes on and feels kind of dry, not super moisturizing, which I think helps it to stay on and do the job better.  

I have the color Light Sand, but there are lots of color options and good descriptions to help you figure out what color would be best for you. 

Another beauty product that I recently started using and loving is the Thank Me Later primer and eye shadow primer 

I ordered from Amazon and feel like this stuff really does help my makeup stay in place all day long. My eyelids used to get creases in my eyeshadow or my eyeliner would run, but this helps that not to happen! I've tried more expensive primers that might work a little better, but this stuff is great for the price and I love the appropriate! 

Ok, enough about makeup and onto another favorite topic of!  I have always been a fan of bagels for breakfast and I eat a everything bagel bagel thins with cream cheese every single morning for breakfast. 

When I heard about the Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning I knew I had to try it!  I am obsessed and now I've switched to eating mini plain bagels (that my kids like) and just sparkling this on top of the cream cheese.  It is SO good and better than the everything bagel. Weird, I know, but thought someone else might like to know about this stuff. 

I rarely go to Trader Joe's, but it was worth the trip for this and I just looked and you can actually order it on Amazon, so hello all you Amazon lovers.  Try this! I've also been putting it on veggies, rice, and other dishes I've cooked also.  

A few weeks ago we were introduced to U-Lace and were excited that they wanted to send us some to try.  They are a no-tie lace for kids and adults that look and feel like traditional laces.  

My kids all know how to tie their shoes, but two of my three don't like to do it.  Some of you may remember a while back I shared this easy way to teach kids how to tie.  Well that lost it's appeal really quickly and we were back to wanting me to do it.  

I couldn't wait to try U-Lace No Tie Laces and the kids were excited also.  They picked out the colors they wanted and the different designs they liked and we put them in their shoes.  The next morning when I woke Blondie up for school she told me she has never been so excited to put her shoes on. 

 Well that right there was enough to sell me.  My kids never want to put on their shoes!  These laces turn any shoes into slip-ons, making mornings so much easier and when my kids want to run outside and play, putting on shoes is super quick! 

Little Mama came home from school saying that she had so many of her friends what to know how she got her laces to look like that with the fun pattern and she told them all about U-Lace

Needless to say this is a favorite of mine and my kids now.  U-Lace comes in all different colors and they were kind enough to provide us with a promo code for our followers!  Just use the code MAGNOLIAMAMAS to get 20% off your order!  Just note, be sure you know how many you will need.  Typically you need two packs for one pair of shoes. 

My mom is in town visiting and I'm SO excited to have her here this weekend. It is always my favorite time when she visits and she is going to pack in a lot of fun this weekend with all the grandkids!  

Last, but not least for this week is the fun weekend ahead.  We've got a full weekend of soccer games, baseball practices and a cheer competition.  Can't wait to see my kids doing what they love! 

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This post contains some affiliate links.  Thank you so much to U-Lace for sponsoring part of this post! 

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