Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Favorites: Red, White & Blue Edition

Happy Friday friends! We're so glad we have this little blog to tell us what day it is because all the days are starting to blur together. #summermode

But Friday means the hubbies get to come home and join in the fun, so that makes it even more exciting. Next week is a short week with July 4th right in the middle of it and we have big plans. We can't wait to celebrate our favorite holiday! So today's Friday Favorites is all about the Red, White, and Blue...with a little real life mixed in. 

We like to wear a lot of red, white and blue throughout the summer regardless if it's the holiday or not. Carrie Beth sported this super soft tee that she has me convinced we all need. She sized up so she could knot it for a little extra something added to her casual summer look. 

| shirt | pants | monogrammed tote | 
I've been loving this blue polka dotted halter lately. I ordered it just before my beach trip last week and I've already snuck it rotations a few times. It's super lightweight so perfect for summer, and the tie neck is adjustable. It also has a hi-lo hemline so you can wear it out or tucked in and it still look fabulous. 

| Blue Halter | Shorts | Tassel Earrings | Sunglasses

It comes in a ton of colors, and I'm already thinking of ordering the pink one! But for the 4th I thought I would trade out my pink accessories for red ones, and it would be the perfect outfit to celebrate! 

This blue gingham top has been on repeat since the spring. It's under $20 and is so loose and comfy. Again, just a switch of accessories from pink to red and I am 4th of July ready.  

| Gingham Top | Scalloped shorts | Pink sandals | Pink Tassel earrings | 

These navy striped pull-on shorts have been one of my favorite pairs of shorts to wear this summer! 

shorts | top | watch |

They are so comfortable, and have lots of stretch for all that 4th of July cookout consumption. They are also currently under $20!

Last year I got this adorable little "Boom y'all!" tee from our friend Kathryn, and plan on wearing over the course of the 4th! She makes the best tees, and they are so comfy

I threw it on right after we got off the boat last year, just in time for fireworks. The patriotic themed can huggers were a fun little added touch. 

It was so cute no one had time to notice my boat hair. 

This year I couldn't resist and added a new piece of theme wear into the mix. This minute I spotted this 4th of July romper I knew I couldn't leave it behind! 

(I mentioned this is my favorite holiday, right? I'm allowed to go a little theme wear crazy. Right?!)

I plan on wearing the patriotic romper as a cover-up or as post boat loungewear, but either way I'll be rocking it for sure.  

When I grabbed that I also grabbed that super cute red gingham bikini for L.C. and the Stars and Stripes tankini is from a few years ago, but is now getting passed down to B.C. There are so many cute patriotic themed swimsuits this year it was hard to resist and just get one! 

One of my favorite moments of the week had nothing to do with two of the three colors, but oh so deserves mentioning. 

Mr. Cute and I had the chance to go to the Atlanta United soccer game over the weekend for a date and it was SO MUCH FUN! I gladly sported my RED, black and gold. 

I will write more about this later, but if you are in the Atlanta area definitely check out a game. Even if you aren't a huge soccer fan, I think the atmosphere and excitement will change your mind. 

Another favorite of mine this week is knocking out one of the projects off of my to-do list. I sat down at the beginning of summer and wrote down a ton of small projects to knock out around the house that I wanted to accomplish before schools starts back in a few weeks (yes, I said weeks because we are crazy here in the south and start back at the end of July!).

Getting new office lighting was at the top of the list. We've slowly but surely been updating our office to accommodate everyone in our family. The lighting in the office though was too small and didn't put off enough light. 

I kind of had an idea of what I wanted and once it was installed I realized we should have done this a long time ago! It makes such a difference and now when we are working or doing homework - especially in those darker winter months - we can actually see! 

Now to knock out the rug portion of my to-do list in here. Any suggestions??

That wraps up my favorites for the week! Happy weekend friends! 

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  1. Hi Jen!
    I love all your outfit choices for the fourth! I'm especially drawn to that polka dot halter. I am jealous of the lighting fixture-I need to replace all of mine:P. I will in time! Looks beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend:)

    1. Thank you Cassidy! I hope you have a fabulous weekend too!!


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