Thursday, June 28, 2018

Playroom Re-do {Inspiration}

We have a pretty great playroom.  When we were building our house 5 years ago I planned for this room to be on the main floor, off the kitchen and big!  I wanted places to have play stations (arts/crafts, dress up, books, dolls, train table/cars, kitchen, movie area) and a closet for storage.  

The kids used the playroom for a long time, but that room has become more and more vacant in the past year or so.  They will go in there to watch movies (sometimes) or if we have friends with younger kids over, but that is about it.  Sadly, I knew they were kind of over it and done with all the toys, but a part of me wanted to hang on to that stage a little while longer.  I mean, my youngest is almost 7 and that still seems little to me, but all he cares about is playing with the iPad or playing sports so all of those toys were just collecting dust. 

I've been thinking about how to transform that room so that it would be functional for our kids that just won't stop getting older.  I have done what I always do when I get ready for any home project...I start scouring Pinterest and taking in as many ideas as I can.  I want to turn our playroom into more of a Tween hangout space.  I have several things I really want to include...

Like a homework station/craft area...

Chalk board wall...

...and I'm also hoping for a lounge space, and room for a few of the toys that might still get used from time to time.  Oh, and a little sports corner, because that is all my little guy wants to do. 

Pinterest didn't disappoint. I found SO many ideas and am totally inspired to transform that room now.  So much so that I started cleaning out toys, selling stuff, and making room for the new. 

I made a quick stop by Target for a few things earlier this week and then Target did what it always sucked me in.  I started browsing a few aisles and found so many great items to use. And tons of clearance stuff so I decided to grab what I could while it was such a great deal.  

Thankfully, I had a good little helper with me, too!  These are super light weight, but still cumbersome and he told me this was going to help build his muscles.  

I've got one more big piece of furniture/toy to unload out of that room and then I can get to work. I'm excited about the transformation and even though it is a little sad to think we are past that stage, I'm excited to make this room usable again.  Stay tuned...lots of updates and pictures to follow! 

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