Friday, September 21, 2018

Twist Travel Magazine {Fall}

We're so excited to once again be contributors for the Twist Travel Magazine and join the company of some amazing writers, photographers and just incredible talent.  We've said this before, but when we started this blog 4 years ago we had no idea where it would go and what it would turn into.  We really love being able to share all of our fun food, fashion and travel ideas with our readers and are honored to be doing it on a larger scale now with Twist Travel Magazine

This Fall issue focuses on all sorts of goodies including Travel for Wellness, Fashion for Good, Best Flight Deals and some delicious Healthy Fall Recipes and our favorite Whiskey Cocktails.

We had lots of fun creating, taste testing, and photographing our contribution to the magazine and we hope you will all check it out!

You can purchase your own print copy HERE and find the free digital copy HERE.

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