Friday, September 14, 2018

Fashion Fix {Ways to Wear it - Transitioning to Fall}

This time of year is so hard to dress for.  All around me I'm seeing boots, sweaters, jeans and all things fall, but if I were to actually tried to wear those things right now I'd probably pass out. It's still hovering around 90 degrees here in Atlanta so unless you sit in air conditioning all day (which I don't...hello kids' sports), then dressing in all of the fall trends isn't a reality just yet.

However, I still love to look the part and taylor my outfit choices to the season we are approaching.  One of the biggest things I love about fall are the colors!

I love them all...beautiful oranges, yellows, browns, deep purples, greens and every other pretty shade that fall brings us.

So, when I saw this cute plaid peplum top the other day it just screamed fall to me and I started think about how it would be perfect to wear it now and into true fall when the weather does cool off.

jeans//plaid top//cardigan//booties

I wore the first look the other day and was chatting with a friend at the baseball fields when she told me I looked just like fall. I laughed and told her that was the look I was going for. It's really all about the fall colors!

plaid top//cardigan//denim shorts//sandals//jeans//booties

So many ways you can wear it! 

Look 1: I wore the top with my favorite denim shorts and sandals. I threw this rust colored cardigan for when I was indoors and chilly with the air conditioning and it was perfect for when the sun went down and it cooled off a bit, but it was just as easy to slip the cardigan off and wear the top alone when it was sitting out in the sun at soccer practice that day.

Look 2: As it cools a little bit and I want to wear jeans. This top looks cute with skinny jeans and sandals or even neutral flats.

Look 3: When it really is officially fall weather the top will be great with jeans, the cardigan and booties.

I've pretty much been doing this little trick all week long and will probably be continuing for the next couple of weeks.  A fun fall colored top in a print, stripe or floral with shorts (and maybe a cardigan, if I'm lucky) for now and then wear the same top with jeans and a cardigan for later.  I found some other fun tanks that would be great for now and later!

I shared this picture on Instagram the other day and so many people messaged me about my top. It was a TJ Maxx clearance find at the end of last summer, but again, it fits into my philosophy of wearing tops with fall colors.

Plus, my new James Avery turquoise post earrings have been getting lots of wear so far this fall. They are super light weight, very versatile and a fun pop of color with just about anything I wear. I've been wearing them a bunch with my workout clothes and then with nice outfits, too!  They have a lot of new releases that can help transition outfits into fall! Click HERE to see them all.

My other tip for transitioning to fall is to change up your nail colors from light and bright to darker and more muted colors. I shared some of my favorite shades HERE, but this one I'm currently wearing is called For The Twill Of It and definitely one of my top pics for fall and winter.  It changes color depending on what angle you look at it from green to burgundy to purple and just about everything in between!

We hope everyone has a great weekend.  We'll be glued to the TV watching the updates about Hurricane Florence. So many of my family members are in Wilmington, NC and we are just praying that the damage isn't as bad as they were predicting.

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