Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Family Vacation To...New York City! {Part 3}

This week I've been recapping our family trip to New York City. We spent a week in New York City with my entire family to celebrate my dad turning 60 this year. Here are the first two parts: 

Today is all about the last part of our trip...and maybe the most anticipated. 

Day 5

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We woke up to a dreary, rainy city, and quickly realized our plans for the day might have to be altered. The last big part of dad's gift was taking him to Yankee Stadium to see his favorite baseball team. They were matched up against Boston and he was so excited! We all were. The game was scheduled to be at 1:00p.m., but we were nervous with the rain it would get cancelled. 

Shortly after breakfast we received a message stating they pushed the game time back to the evening when skies looked clearer. 

This left our little group to figure out what to do because this changed everyone's plans. Since we had only seen part of the Museum of Natural History earlier in the trip we thought it might be the perfect rainy day excursion to see what else it had to offer. 

The museum is huge and has tons of wings on each floor. Navigating ten people was tough. Especially with set times for certain events. We missed two just because we couldn't make it in time. 

On this trip the kids had a blast seeing all things dinosaurs. 

We caught and iMax movie and then more dinosaurs.

Honestly though, I think there were so many people due to the rain, and the fact that we had seen a lot of the interactive portions earlier in the week, it lost its magic on us. 

The kids enjoyed it, but I think it was the adults who were a little bored. 

The rain was really coming down though so we didn't know what else to do. It became time for the crew who was going to the stadium to leave, so we left the girls with my sisters and made our way towards the Bronx. 

Mr. Cute got the experience of riding the subway for the first time. It was much easier this time with out a stroller. know, as much as a rush hour subway can be. But at least there weren't any life lessons I had to teach after our departure. 

It was an easy train ride and then miraculously when we came back above ground the sun was shining. I was still wearing my rain boots because who knows what's in those NYC puddles, but it quickly became hot and humid. 

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We arrived in time to grab a quick dinner, and check out the stadium before the start time. Cute was loving it. And my dad was loving that he instantly became a fan. 

Cute bought this foam finger and literally waved it from the time we sat down until the 7th inning. 

We had amazing seats right behind the Boston dugout. 

Cute and I were the first ones to our seats and I remember sending my dad and Mr. Cute a text stating we should have brought gloves. The netting looked low and even during warm-up balls were flying everywhere around us. 

Fast forward three innings and we had already missed out on at least six balls. Then our turn came. A pop foul came right for us. My dad put out his hand, and caught it! I was so excited for him to catch a game ball for his 60th! 

And then he looked at me and said, "That hurt.". Calm as could be. And then he dropped the ball. 

I looked down at his hand and clearly it did hurt. There was blood everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Luckily no one was sitting in front of us. 

Long story short, the catch would now require several stitches. But dad just wrapped his hand in napkins and watched the rest of the inning. Then he went to medical services and they confirmed what we suspected - he would be taking home a special kind of souvenir. 

Dad wasn't about to miss his beloved Yankees, and not even kidding at least 15 more balls came our way. 

Cute even caught one!

My dad might have been a little jealous. 
(Side note: After he dropped it, the people down the row picked it up. And kept it!)

The game ended with a Yankees win and I don't think he could have been more happy. Even if he was headed straight to the nearest E.R. 

We subway'd ourselves back to the hotel and laughed at the most memorable game any of us have probably ever attended. 


My youngest sister left bright and early, and we were scheduled to head home that evening. So our group was dwindling down, but we still had some time to enjoy a few more things. 

We were all feeling the late night effects of the night before - especially my parents who didn't get home until about 2a.m. from the emergency room. So, we kept things low key, and decided to just walk around. 

We made our way towards Grand Central Station and decided to check it out, and grab some lunch.

If you've never been it's just so...Grand! Everything about it is old school and gorgeous. 

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The kids thought it was fun, and loved seeing the food hall and checking out some of the shops. 

All too quickly it was time to walk back to the hotel to check out. 

We sat in the lobby area to chat a bit, and play some card games to pass what little time we had before leaving for the airport. 

The airport was a breeze, and our kids just as excited about LaGuardia as they were about Hartsfield. 

We hit it at the right time too because there was a massive dance party going on at our terminal. Southwest employees were passing out headphones and everyone was dancing. The kids thought it was so much fun. 

Then the sweet employees gave each of our kids a fun little goodie bag. The girls were in heaven with their new sunglasses. 

We sat in our seats and were off! We had such a fun trip and can't wait to go back when the kids are a little bit older so they can enjoy some of the other attractions and appreciate the city a little bit more. 

Overall the trip was way easier than I was picturing with three small children. Only on occasion did I have to redirect them or tell them, "No, the man sleeping by the trash can does not need you to tell him night night." It was a completely different trip for my kids, and one I know that will hold a ton of memories for them. 

But for now, NYC enjoy the little break from all this southern sass. 

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