Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fashion Fix: What I Wore

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Our schools are having early release this week, which I love and hate!  I love having the kids home more, but hate the quick turn around for getting them to school and then picking them up again. Not a ton of time to get anything done and I feel like we are back to preschool hours. Yesterday was so nice though because they actually had time to relax and play outside in the afternoon!

I wanted to do a quick What I Wore post today!  The weather has finally started to cool off and it actually feels like fall now.  The cool evenings and crisp mornings have been a welcomed change to the 90+ degrees we were having up until now.  This is a random assortment of outfits, shoes and accessories, but all so great for fall so I wanted to be sure to share!

This dress has been on repeat.  It's super stretchy so really comfortable, but very flattering and can be dressed up or dressed down. I have worn it on a date night, for a blogger event, and a bunch of different ways.  I would recommend sizing up because it is VERY form fitting. I got the Medium.

dress//denim jacket 
Another item I'm really loving is this fun new cross body bag. It is less than $35 and from Amazon!  It's smaller than what I usually carry, but I needed something for days when I don't want to drag around my huge tote and this one is perfect. I also comes in a brown leather, but I loved the gray!  While I was ordering I also got this new watch band for my Apple Watch. I was a little nervous to use one that wasn't the Apple brand, but for $6 I figured it was worth a try. Oh my goodness!  I just love it and it seems no different than the Apple one.  They offer a ton of colors, but I thought gray would match a bunch of stuff for fall and winter.

bag//watch band

Speaking of gray, I also am loving wearing these shoes this fall. I feel like they are great for this transition time when you feel silly wearing sandals, but it's too warm for boots or something like that.  These are really comfortable and also offer a ton of arch support, which I love. I wear them with these little no-show socks so I don't get blisters, but I know some people wear them with nothing. They come in several colors, too. The jeans you see in this pic are also a new favorite of mine. They have an elastic waist band and fit amazing. They are super comfortable with just the right amount of stretch and I wore them for 3 days straight last week! 


Next up, cardigans. I bought this cardigan in three colors and have been wearing them nonstop. Layering is just about the only way to dress this time of year when it is cool in the morning, but so warm by afternoon. I wear a tank or short sleeve shirt under them so I can easily take off when it warms up later in the day! 


Here's the same cardigan in a mustard yellow color and I wanted to share my little trick with y'all.  On this day I had to be at the school super early for a meeting, but knew that after that I would be coming home to walk my dog, clean, and just do things around the house so I wanted to be dressed comfortably. I wore black workout leggings, a black workout tunic and my running shoes. Then I just threw this cardigan over it and it was amazing how put together I looked.  Then when I got home I was already dressed for the rest of my day. I do this trick after exercising also when I have errands and other things to do. All black with a cardigan instead of a sloppy sweatshirt or something can completely change the look!


I think I shared this last week, but some of my favorite pieces of my wardrobe are always on repeat.  My denim shorts, gingham top and leopard belt get worn year round!  And my new ATL hat has been getting a lot of wear recently, too!


Do y'all wear slippers around the house? I'm usually a fuzzy sock kind of girl, but I recently got these slippers and just LOVE them! They are so comfy and cozy!  They come in a ton of colors, but I thought the red was fun for fall and into winter! 


Last, but not least is this amazing find. These fuzzy sherpa pullovers are all the rage right now and you will never believe where this one is from. They were less than $15 so I grabbed them for both of my girls and they are so excited to finally be wearing them! 


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