Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How To Clean White Baseball Pants

Baseball season is back!  My little guy had his first game last weekend and they totally rocked it. The team won in a big way and he was excited to get the game ball!  

With baseball season back in full swing comes the constant cleaning of white baseball pants because he loves do do things like this...

And this..

And even if he isn't playing in a game he somehow ends up dirty! 

I love him to look nice and clean before he gets started though and love the look of white pants.  However, because he plays hard he always ends up with stains.  

I used to just wash the pants with a regular load because I had no idea there was even a possibility of getting them clean again. Then a friend of mine with older boys who play baseball told me how she cleaned her boys' pants and I have stuck with that method ever since.  

I have seen lots of different suggestions for getting white baseball pants clean, but this is how I do it in three easy steps! 

First up I fill a large bowl or buckets with hot water and 1/2 cup of this White Brite by OUT.  I purchase it at my local grocery store, but it is also available online HERE

Then I put the pants in and soak them overnight.  You can do it for a shorter amount of time, but I like to let it sit for longer. 

Most of my friends use Iron Out by the same brand. I am convinced it is probably the same stuff just packaged differently.  

When I take the pants out from soaking sometimes they are clean, but if he has stains that are really set in like from where he was sliding or something it will look like this. 

Next I use what I consider to be the best stain removal product ever! Fels-Naptha is an old school bar soap and it is like a miracle worker.  It's around $1 at most stores and lasts a really long time.  

One time last summer the kids were playing a pick-up game after their real game had finished so he was already dirty, but then I look over and he's taken off both his shoes and his hat to use as a base.  I was so mad and didn't even know where to begin with this.

But Fels-Naptha to the rescue.  It gets anything clean! It takes a bit of elbow grease, but I scrub the stubborn stains on the pants with the Fels-Naptha and then they are ready for the last step. 

For the final step I just throw the pants in with some towels and wash on hot water.  I wouldn't wash with anything colored because of using the White Brite.  I'm always amazed because when they come out they look BRAND NEW. 

Edited to add: My fellow baseball mom told me last week that she was out of Iron Out and needed her boy's pants clean so she grated a bar of Fels-Naptha with an old cheese grater and soaked her pants with a cup of that and hot water.  She said they came out looking brand new!  It's a much cheaper option if you don't want to use the other product!

Do you have a trick for cleaning baseball pants?  If so, please share! 

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  1. Does the white brite bleach out the red or blue stripe on some baseball pants?

    1. I saw no one has responded and I'm a lot of months late to the party here but YES! it will bleach it out. I used it on my sons baseball pants and the embroidered Rawlings R is not a weird brown color.

    2. I think it depends on what brand of pants. We have Mizuno and it doesn’t fade those.

  2. This is incredible… it truly works! Thank you


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