Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Amazon Lately: June

Over the weekend we celebrated Father's Day with a cookout at our house and my father-in-law and I were chatting about our love of Amazon.  We gave him an Amazon gift card for Father's Day because I knew he could pick out anything he wanted and he was saying how he got a package the day before, was expecting one that day, and another one would be arriving on Monday. That is the best part about Amazon. I order, it shows up in just a day or two, and it saves me running out to the store every time I need something. 

Y'all loved my last Amazon Lately post so thought I would share another one this month!  My oldest celebrated her birthday last week, so a lot of the purchases were gifts for her, gifts for Father's Day and also some other random things thrown in the mix, too. 

1. Wave Ring - This was a  gift for my daughter.  It is a dupe for the very popular name brand with a similar style, but at much lower price point!  

2. AirPod Case - The kids and I got the Mr. AirPods as part of his Father's Day gift so I ordered this leather case for him to go along with it. 

3. Fly Ball Thrower - My son plays baseball and being able to track fly balls is something all the kids are constantly needing to work on.  He wanted to get this for the Mr. for Father's Day!  It's very similar to the one people use to toss tennis balls for dogs which makes me laugh, but this one fits baseballs and actually tosses the balls really far!  They've had a lot of fun practicing with it.  

4. Coop Pillow - For Mother's Day I got new pillows for our bed and after reading a lot of reviews we ended up with the Coop.  We got two standard pillows and two body pillows. They are made of shredded memory foam and are AMAZING!  It comes with extra "fluff" so you can add or take it out to adjust the pillows to your liking.  Well, it comes already pretty stuffed so we ended up wanting to take some of the stuffing out of all four of the pillows we got which meant we had a ton of extra stuffing and that leads me to #5! 

5. Zippered Pillow Cases - Because we had so much extra stuffing I bought zippered pillow cases to be able to put that fluff to good use.  I filled 5 other standard pillow cases with the extra shredded memory foam and now the kids all have some amazingly comfortable pillows to sleep with on their beds, too! Coop would probably not want me advertising this, but if you do end up buying some of their pillows you can make some extras of your own, too! 

6. Star Pajamas - These pajamas are super soft and super cute! They were a birthday gift for my daughter, but I might end up with a pair for myself, too.  They come in a bunch of different colors and prints. 

7. Outdoor String Lights - After seeing a friend's patio with outdoor lights I decided I would love some on our screened porch and these had SO many great reviews.  I still haven't gotten around to hanging them up, but it is on my to-do list for this week! 

8. Essential Oils - Another birthday gift for my daughter. She is obsessed with all things that smell good!  She's been known to go through an entire bottle of body mist just spraying it around her room so for her birthday I decided to get her some of these. Also see #11.

9. Ball Park Mystery Books - I've shared these before, but my son LOVES this series of books. He started reading them in March when schools closed and I'm making him read for 20 minutes a day this summer so he flew threw a ton of the books!  I ordered 5 more in the series for him. If you have a sports loving kid, I definitely recommend these books! 

10. Shea Sugar Scrub - This stuff smells great and is perfect for exfoliating dry skin while moisturizing at the same time! 

11. LED Essential Oil Diffuser - This goes with #8!  This diffuser works great and she loves the remote control and the fact that she can pick from a lot of different LED colors.  I actually just ordered a second one of these for my middle blondie to have in her room! 

12. Sugar Lip Scrub - Chapped and dry lips don't stand a chance against this lip scrub.  The Bubble Gum scent made it a perfect gift for my daughter. 

So there you have my orders from Amazon lately.  Click HERE to see the very last thing I ordered!

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